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Report: Next-gen Mazda RX-8 successor to sport 450hp turbo rotary

More rumors from Australia! Motoring.com is going on another limb reporting that the next Mazda RX-8 successor will sport a turbocharged rotary engine with at least 450hp on tap. Additionally, said new RX will be built on an extensively modified version of the last RX-8’s platform while employing Mazda’s current range of SKYACTIV technologies. These technologies […]

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Report: Mazda RX-8 successor rumors are back, rotary engine planned for 2017

AutoExpress in the UK reports that Mazda is still in the works with developing an RX-8 successor, which could be ready to go by 2017, according to the publishing. The Mazda RX-8 was axed in 2012 and has yet to be followed up by any real and official inclination of a successor. Since then though, […]

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Report: Mazda rumored to make a rotary-powered sports car to rival BMW i8

A recent report stated that Mazda’s new CEO negated any rumors about a near-future rotary. However, Britain’s WhatCar? reports that Mazda is indeed in the works with a rotary-powered sports car—though it will directly rival the BMW i8. That of course means hybridization, after speaking with “high-level sources.” But the hybridization will apparently involve plug-in […]

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Report: Mazda’s new CEO halts future rotary engine, not a viable business case

Mazda rotary fans have apparently run into a new roadblock as AutomotiveNews reports CEO Masa-michi Kogai, a newly appointed chief, has said that a new rotary motor doesn’t present “a viable commercial proposition.” “No plans now,” Kogai told AN on Friday. “It has to be a viable commercial proposition. If we are going to adopt […]

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Report: Mazda’s engineers are pushing for more rear-wheel drive models

Mazda’s engineers are reportedly lobbying their corporate colleagues for the revival of more rear-wheel drive models, which would allow the brand to better differentiate itself from their direct rivals. According to the report, the head honchos at Mazda are resistant to the idea, claiming high costs of redesigning its mainstream models make it difficult. That […]

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Report: Mazda USA confirms that a rotary is on the way in two years

Topic of discussion for this post: the Mazda RX sports coupe, arguably the brand’s only formidable halo flagship sports car. And ever since the last RX coupe was axed, the RX-8, due to obsolescence, word of a successor has been up in the air, with some fearing that Mazda was going end its rotary sports […]

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2003 Toyota Corolla S

Report: Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda all recalling 3.4 million vehicles total due to airbag supplier Takata Corp.

Reuters on behalf of AutomotiveNews has learned that Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and Honda have issued a massive recall for nearly 3.4 million vehicles due to airbag supplier Takata Corp. The models seem affected seem to involve ones made in the early to mid 2000s. Toyota is recalling 1.73 million cars made in between November 2000 […]

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Report: Mazda still working on a rotary engine, may see production within five years with SkyActiv tech

AutoCarUK reports that Mazda is still in the works with developing a new rotary engine for future use as the previous Renesis motor used in the last RX-8 was turned down for not meeting emissions regulations and fuel economy requirements. Mazda of course has their SkyActiv technology, which is currently employed throughout their lineup as […]

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1997 Mazda RX7 Rear

Report: Mazda to produce the last rotary of them all at the end of this month

Fans of Mazda’s rotary Wankel engine will be preparing their salutes, tributes, and candle light vigils this month as Mazda has just announced the final ending assembly date for the brand’s renown rotary engine. Just yesterday, Mazda stated that production for the Renesis engine, the brand’s only existing rotary engine, will be ceasing production by […]

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2012 Mazda RX8 Spirit R Limited Edition Front 3/4 Angle

Mazda will produce 1,000 more limited edition RX-8s before ending production

We all know that Mazda is currently working on an RX successor that will continue donning that company’s spiritually traditional rotary Wankel engine. But those who are too impatient to wait until the new RX comes out and still want a rotary powered Mazda are still in luck! Mazda has officially announced that they will […]

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