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Volkswagen cancels or suspends all projects deemed unnecessary

Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal is obviously hitting hard, so hard in fact that Wolfsburg’s own announced the cancellation or suspension of all projects deemed unnecessary for the company’s future. This is a major move to help the company reallocate its resources to amending the damage set forth from their mistakes from cheating on emissions tests both […]

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Porsche could team up with Bentley for Panamera variants

Porsche’s new CEO Matthias Muller is keen on sharing platforms and technology with Volkswagen Group stablemate Bentley. However, he admits that Bentley’s own plans could affect the chances of putting further variants of the Panamera into production. Porsche, which is keep to improve its economies of scale on the Panamera platform, has been considering different variants […]

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Matthias Muller officially becomes CEO of Porsche AG

Yesterday, Matthias Muller became the new Chief Executive Officer of Porsche AG as CEO Michael Macht ceremonially handed the Porsche steering wheel to his successor on the eve of the 2010 Paris Auto Show. “Muller, comes to Porsche via the Volkswagen Group, where he previously was in charge of Product Planning, Product Management and Model […]

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