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Marussia B2

Report: Marussia B2 sports car sold out

Everything in Russia is superior to every other country in the world. If you don’t know this then you do not have any Russian friends. The Russian-designed and Finnish-built Marussia B2 supercar has already been sold out? Why? Because it’s superior to every other supercar out there. Marussia only built 500 units and according to […]

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Marussia kicks off production of B1, B2 sports cars

Marussia Motors, the Russian sports car manufacturer that makes the B1 and B2, kicked off production of the two models to mark the grand opening of their first showroom in Moscow located at 17 Tverskaya Street. The Marussia B2 is a jet fighter inspired sports car that features a mid-mounted 3.5L V6 from Cosworth available […]

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Marussia F2 SUV is multipurpose vehicle built by a supercar maker

Marussia, a Russian car company, is best known for its B1 and B2 supercars. Never heard of them? Well, than you’ve probably heard of a British motor company named Cosworth, which supplied Marussia with a 420-hp 3.5LV6 for the company’s B1. Either way, Marussia yesterday unveiled its F2 SUV, which it describes as “a multipurpose […]

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