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2017 Audi A4

The 2017 Audi A4 gains a six-speed manual as standard with all-wheel drive

The 2017 Audi A4 is the only car in its class to offer both all-wheel drive and a manual as standard. Audi made a pretty big move recently for the enthusiasts. For the updated 2017 A4 sedan, they added a new six-speed manual transmission as standard with quattro all-wheel drive. That means the 2017 Audi A4 […]

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2016 Geneva – 2017 Porsche 911 R

2016 Geneva: Here’s that manual-only Porsche 911 R everyone’s been getting excited about

Ok, you’ve heard this argument before and it’s certainly ongoing. Manual or automatic? Yes, there was a time when automatics sucked, and they do still kinda’ suck. But the technology doesn’t–for instance, you have automated sequential manual gearboxes, dual-clutch automatics, which are controlled by “flappy paddles,” and those don’t suck, from a performance aspect. Because […]

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Review: The 2016 Toyota Yaris SE with a five-speed manual proves going back to basics doesn’t suck

We test drive the 2016 Toyota Yaris with the sporty SE package and a five-speed manual to see if they make it better. Economy cars are meant to meet the basic automotive needs in life. The trouble is, nobody likes basic, regardless of how much pumpkin spice is involved. So you can imagine how unexcited […]

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The facelifted 2016 Honda Accord sedan–this is it…and the V6 manual option returns?! [UPDATED]

We received an update from Honda North America. Read more after the jump. The current generation Honda Accord has been with us since 2012 as a 2013 model and interestingly, Honda gave the sedan a pretty big facelift recently, despite only being two years old. Usually, cars are refreshed half-way through their generational lifespan, so […]

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Report: Low interest is what killed Audi’s R8 V8 and manual offering

The new Audi R8 is out and if you haven’t learned already, the R8 is only going to come with a V10 in various types of tune. Yup, that means you can no longer get the R8 with a V8 and a manual shifter. The cause: low demand. Majority of R8 buyers have been getting […]

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Report: The Nissan Juke could do away with manuals completely

Some sad news is in for fans of the Nissan Juke and the manual rower as slow demand for the Juke’s front-wheel drive and six-speed manual setup haven’t been strong enough to keep it going. That said, AutoGuide says the new Juke could lose its manual rower in favor of Nissan’s now ubiquitous Xtronic CVT, meaning […]

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Report: Ford hanging with manuals for all of its RS cars

Ford’s making a huge impression with their new high-performance branch, Ford Performance, which also correlates with their RS brand. The results include cars like the Ford Focus RS, recently revealed for the world to see, and on top of that, rumors have been floating around for a possible Fiesta RS to sit above the Fiesta […]

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Report: 2016 Volkswagen Golf R to get manual transmission

Volkswagen recently revealed the hottest Golf since the R32–the all-new 2016 Golf R. When it was launched at the LA Auto Show recently, it came equipped only with Volkswagen’s usual seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic. But now, CARandDRIVER received confirmation that the Golf R will come with a manual next year for the 2016 model. But to […]

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2014 LA Auto Show: Jaguar does the unthinkable, gives the F-Type a manual transmission

The Jaguar F-Type is hardly news and already loved by many. But it seems Jaguar just did the complete unthinkable because they introduced a rather special type of F-Type–one that comes with a manual transmission. Yup, you read correctly. The Jaguar F-Type can now be had with a third pedal. Yes, there are a few […]

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Report: Why the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat won’t get a manual

With the new 2015 Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat siblings out, there are still a few question surrounding the Charger, which has yet to be launched. When the Challenger was revealed, Chrysler happily confirmed to be equipping the Challenger with a six-speed Tremec manual transmission, despite having to transfer an insane 707hp to the […]

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2011 Hyundai Accent Manual Transmission OEM 15K Miles (LKQ~122083642) picture
2011 Hyundai Accent Manual Transmission OEM 15K Miles (LKQ~122083642)
2000-2003 Honda S2000 AP1 6 Speed Manual Transmission F20C Trans Gear Box picture
2000-2003 Honda S2000 AP1 6 Speed Manual Transmission F20C Trans Gear Box
2008 Mini Cooper Manual Transmission OEM 42K Miles (LKQ~92804922) picture
2008 Mini Cooper Manual Transmission OEM 42K Miles (LKQ~92804922)
B&M 45114 Precision Sport Manual Transmission Shifter picture
B&M 45114 Precision Sport Manual Transmission Shifter