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Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo

Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo is code for 700+ hp BMW M5

Manhart Racing is kicking up the power on the BMW M5 with its new MH5 S-Bitrubo package that has recently been released. This is said to the be ‘initial’ tuning package, and comes with a 72-hp and 74 lb-ft gain over the stock version, making the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8’s output 624-hp and 575 lb-f of […]

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Manhart Racing’s BMW M3 E92 5.0 V10 SMG hits 208 mph

Manhart Racing has unveiled their latest creation called the BMW M3 E92 5.0 V10 SMG – otherwise known as “Porsche Chaser.” Manhart swapped the 420-hp V8 from the M3 and tossed in BMW’s V10 from the M5 and M6. However, Manhart did not stop there. After a bunch of modifications by Manhart’s engineering team, the […]

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