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Lumma Design Porsche Cayenne II Orange Rear View

Lumma Design gets a little crazy with three-levels of Porsche Cayenne II tuning kit

Lumma Design went all in on a tuning kit for the Porsche Cayenne II, offering up three examples just to show how highly customizable the package is. The Russian tuning house went with three different variants for each example as well, the orange metallic being a Cayenne S Hybrid, the brick-red, a Diesel and lastly […]

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Porsche Cayenne II by LUMMA Design is amazingly sexy… at least to us

There are always tuning firms that really go the extra mile and most of the time, the efforts put out to tune expensive cars can be a hit or miss. For example, the Porsche Cayenne was a car I thought that had aesthetics that were just as confusing as its purpose. And what Germany‚Äôs Lumma […]

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Porsche Cayenne II by Lumma Design, diesel version gets more power

Porsche has recently announced a new version of the Cayenne, and with this announcement have come a flurry of tuning and design companies looking to give the SUV even more of the flair and sport that makes the Cayenne such a desireable machine. To add to the car”s unique design, Lumma has put out accessories […]

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