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Report: Lexus’ IS Convertible replacement could be based on LF-C2 or LF-LC Concepts

AutomotiveNews received a development in regards to the replacement for the IS Convertible. Lexus revealed the LF-C2 Concept at the LA Auto Show last month, which basically showcased a potential near-production Lexus RC convertible as an IS ‘vert replacement. But another report said Lexus is putting the RC Convertible possibility to rest, and now¬†AN reports […]

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Report: The Lexus RC Convertible killed in favor of a new three-row crossover

Lexus had a pretty big moment revealing the LF-C2 Concept at the LA Auto Show last week, which pitched at a successor to the IS Convertible and a variant to the RC Coupe, to ensure Lexus has its aim tightly set on rivals like the BMW 4-Series. Click here for our original post on the […]

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2014 LA Auto Show: The Lexus LF-C2 drops its top for LA

Lexus decided to pull the wraps off of its new LF-C2 Concept at the Los Angeles today, which previews to the world their pitch at a Lexus RC-based convertible, which would not only compete against the BMW 4-Series convertible, but would also be a follow up to the original IS Convertible. The new LF-C2 is […]

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