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Report: Lexus LFA successor co-developed with BMW to cost around $243,000

Not too long ago, an exciting report from Motoring surfaced to say Lexus is in the works with a possible LFA supercar successor, and one that’ll be cooperatively developed and built with BMW. And although such rumors were to be taken with a grain of salt, it appears the rumors are holding to be true as AutoExpress […]

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Report: A Lexus LFA successor with 800hp from Toyota and BMW is on the drawing board

Japan’s top brass proved Toyota Motor Corporation didn’t relegate their entire reputation to building senseless, uninteresting automobiles, resulting in them being a buy word for isolated and numbing driving experiences, thanks to the production of the LFA supercar. Built as an icon representing the pinnacle of what ToMoCo’s upper luxury branch and engineering division were […]

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Report: Lexus still wants to plan an LF-A successor

Bloomberg recently sat down with Lexus’ Executive Vice President, Mark Templin, who revealed that Lexus is still interested in eventually building an LF-A successor. According to the report, Templin relayed a message from Toyota’s president, Akio Toyoda, who originally said he (Akio) believes every generation “deserves to have a car like an LF-A, so we’re […]

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Lexus LFA Nurburgring

Report: Lexus wants to keep excitement after LFA, no plans for another supercar

Now that production of the limited-edition Lexus LFA supercars has ended, the luxury brand from Toyota is trying to figure out how to keep its lineup sexy and sporty. Check out more news on the Lexus LFA. Production of the Lexus LFA, a $375,000 supercar, ended on Dec. 14. Only 500 units were produced all of […]

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Last of the 500 Lexus LFA was produced on Dec. 14

Lexus has finally finished producing the 500 planned units of the Lexus LFA supercar. On Dec. 14, a white Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package left Toyota’s dedicated production facility at the Motomachi Plant, Aichi Prefecture. Check out more news on the Lexus LFA. “This marks the end of a key chapter for Lexus, one in which […]

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Lexus LFA Unleashed

Video: Lexus lets one lucky winner unleash the LFA on the Laguna Seca track

Towards the end of summer Lexus launched a new campaign called ‘Unleash the LFA’ – in which it gave one lucky winner the chance to take its LFA supercar around the Laguna Seca track. Check out more news on the Lexus LFA. The whole package consisted of a day with the LFA after a nice lesson […]

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Lexus LFA vs LF-LC

Video: Lexus LFA hangs out with the Lexus LF-LC Concept

Lexus of UK decided to take the two sexiest Lexus models ever and hold a photo shoot – that’s right – it’s time for the Lexus LFA to meet the new Lexus LF-LC Concept. By the way, I think its time the Lexus does another iteration of the LFA and adds the gigantic ‘spindle grille’ […]

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Lexus Unleash the LFA

Lexus ‘Unleash the LFA’ campaign gives you the chance to win a track day with the supercar

A couple of days ago, Lexus released a teaser on YouTube titled ‘Prepare to Unleash the LFA.’ At the time ,many speculated that Toyota’s luxury brand was teasing a new special-edition of the LFA, but that is not the case. What’s really going on here is similar to Audi’s #WantAnR8 campaign, where one lucky winner […]

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Lexus LFA / Acura NSX

Video: Lexus LFA goes head-to-head with the Acura NSX… the original one

Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman decided to take two kings from Japan and put them face-to-face in the latest episode of Head-to-Head – it’s time for the Lexus LFA to meet the Acura NSX. Of course, for this comparison, Lieberman had to use the original NSX since the new NSX is still under development and won’t […]

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Lexus Unleash the LFA Teaser

Video: Lexus ‘Unleash the LFA’ teaser doesn’t hint at a ‘new model’

If you happened to come across Lexus’ new teaser on Facebook called ‘Unleash the LFA’ and have speculated that the company is released a new LFA model… you’re wrong. According to Mike Kroll, a Lexus spokesman, the 16-second video is not a preview of a special model but a teaser to pump people up for a “Golden […]

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Lexus LFA supercar steering wheels picture
Lexus LFA supercar steering wheels
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011 Lexus LFA Steering Wheel Watches
4x Xenon White T10 158 194 LED Bulbs Interior Step/Map/Dome/License Plate Light picture
4x Xenon White T10 158 194 LED Bulbs Interior Step/Map/Dome/License Plate Light
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Cabin Air Filter WIX 24483