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Report: Lexus is prepping a new concept for Geneva…?

Lexus is apparently prepping to reveal a new concept at Geneva this year, next to the new LF-C2 Concept and the all-new GS F sports sedan. The Japanese luxury giant was coy on the detail front, so speculation is all we have to work off of this recent report, regarding this new concept. It could […]

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Report: Lexus’ IS Convertible replacement could be based on LF-C2 or LF-LC Concepts

AutomotiveNews received a development in regards to the replacement for the IS Convertible. Lexus revealed the LF-C2 Concept at the LA Auto Show last month, which basically showcased a potential near-production Lexus RC convertible as an IS ‘vert replacement. But another report said Lexus is putting the RC Convertible possibility to rest, and now¬†AN reports […]

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Report: The Lexus RC Convertible killed in favor of a new three-row crossover

Lexus had a pretty big moment revealing the LF-C2 Concept at the LA Auto Show last week, which pitched at a successor to the IS Convertible and a variant to the RC Coupe, to ensure Lexus has its aim tightly set on rivals like the BMW 4-Series. Click here for our original post on the […]

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2014 LA Auto Show: The Lexus LF-C2 drops its top for LA

Lexus decided to pull the wraps off of its new LF-C2 Concept at the Los Angeles today, which previews to the world their pitch at a Lexus RC-based convertible, which would not only compete against the BMW 4-Series convertible, but would also be a follow up to the original IS Convertible. The new LF-C2 is […]

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Lexus releases more teasers of LF-C2 Concept ahead of LA Auto Show

Lexus revealed a few more teasers of their new LF-C2 Concept, due at LA later this week. With the usual progression of teasing, the concept has been revealed ever slightly more, to show that Lexus is essentially previewing what appears to be a new RC convertible. Rumors in the past have indicated Lexus is working […]

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Lexus LF C2 concept steering wheel Sport Metal Watch picture
Lexus LF C2 concept steering wheel Sport Metal Watch