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Report: No matter how much you wish upon 11:11 or whatever, a Lexus LF-A successor won’t happen for a while

AutoCar recently sat down with Lexus and sadly learned that a successor to the LF-A won’t happen for a while. So for now, those wanting the ultimate Lexus will likely have to look at the not-so-bad-but-actually-pretty-hot LC500 coupe. This completely makes sense considering the LF-A was kind of a homage to motorsports homologation, and supercar […]

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Report: A Lexus LF-A successor is not in the plans for the near-future

If you suddenly hit the financial jackpot of your dreams and wanted to pursue the car of your dreams, with said dream car being the Lexus LF-A, unfortunately, you won’t be able to jump on one, brand-new, from the factory any more. That’s because the LF-A was extremely limited in production and it was discontinued […]

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Report: Lexus still wants to plan an LF-A successor

Bloomberg recently sat down with Lexus’ Executive Vice President, Mark Templin, who revealed that Lexus is still interested in eventually building an LF-A successor. According to the report, Templin relayed a message from Toyota’s president, Akio Toyoda, who originally said he (Akio) believes every generation “deserves to have a car like an LF-A, so we’re […]

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Report: Lexus to revive SC nameplate with production LF-LC in 2017

Australian media is at it again as CarsGuide reports that Lexus is preparing to revive the SC nameplate with the production version of the drop-dead gorgeous LF-LC Concept from the 2011 North American International Auto Show. According to the report, the production model will be a successor to the LF-A, moving the SC nameplate into the […]

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Future Lexus SC Rendering

Photo Rendering: Could this be a potential new Lexus SC successor?

Remember the Lexus SC? Yea, the brand’s one and only flagship two-door luxury coupe that ended up being a bubbly hardtop convertible for the second generation? Well, there’s a distinct possibility that Lexus may be in the works to revitalized the once successful Lexus luxury coupe. The first generation was quite a success as it […]

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2012 Lexus LF-A Black Amethyst Front

Lexus debuts “first and only Black Amethyst 2012 Lexus LF-A” via Facebook

The Lexus LF-A can be had in a variety of colors, 30 to choose from specifically. Though recently, Lexus’s Facebook page made some honorable mention to a certain Black Amethyst-colored LF-A. What’s odd is that the Black Amethyst color doesn’t seem to be truly unique as it is one of the 30 color options available […]

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Lexus LFA will be available with leasing option only

Yes, at $375,000 the 2011 Lexus LFA is one expensive supercar; however, when the model goes on sale in January 2011, Lexus will only offer two-year leases, according to Brian Smith, vice president of sales and dealer development for Lexus division. That means Lexus will hang on to the vehicle’s title while you drive it […]

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Toyota will make no money on the Lexus LFA

Many are still a bit skeptical about the new $375,000 Lexus LFA (seeing as it is Lexus’ first supercar with such an expensive price tag). Well, if it makes you feel any better about cashing out $375,000 for a Lexus, Toyota won’t be making any money on the 500 units it plans on producing. Basically, […]

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Lexus LFA to be available in track-spec trim level

The new 2011 Lexus LFA will be available in a track-tuned trim that will be stripped out and built to track specification. An insider confirmed that the track-spec Lexus LFA won’t have an upgraded powertrain or engine. “The LFA is such a bespoke machine that buyers can specify pretty much what they want,” said a […]

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Lexus LFA or…? What other supercar can you buy for under $375,000?

Last week, Lexus uncovered it’s new supercar known as the LFA. With a 4.8L V10, the Lexus LFA returns impressive performance figures including a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 202 mph. However, another impressive figure is the pricing of the 2011 Lexus LFA. At $375,000, a supercar like the […]

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HOT ITEM The Lexus LF-A Gauges WATCHES picture
HOT ITEM  The Lexus LF-A Gauges WATCHES picture
LIMITED EDITIONThe  Lexus LF-A Gauges  WATCHES picture
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watches The Lexus LF A Gauges Analogue Watch
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