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Report: Land Rover to file a complaint against an obvious Chinese knock-off of Range Rover Evoque

Pictures via Indian Autos Blog China continues to struggle with respecting intellectual property by way of copyright infringement. This can be seen in recent history with the automobile industry, where some of China’s domestic brands clearly copied the designs of other cars in a knock-off fashion. This latest version involves the LandWind X7, which clearly is […]

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2014 Range Rover Evoque 9-Speed Auto Development Car Gauge Cluster

Land Rover to introduce world’s first nine-speed auto in Range Rover Evoque, built by ZF

As if the world was already just getting comfortable with cog swappers consisting of six to eight forward gears, we were thinking that if there were any more, soon there’d be more forward gears than a mountain bike. Well, it just so happens that another brand will be introducing use of the world’s first nine-speed […]

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2013 Range Rover Evoque Pure Left Side Studio Shot

Report: Land Rover releases new more affordable 2013 Range Rover Evoque Pure

WorldCarFans reports that Land Rover has just introduced a new version of the Range Rover Evoque called the Evoque Pure. And what makes this specific Evoque so special is that it’s a more affordable version—it start’s at $2,000 cheaper than the outgoing base model. This reduction in pricing was enabled by the removal of the […]

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2012 BMW X3

BMW X3 wins over Range Rover Evoque in recent Consumer Report comparison

In a recent Consumer Reports comparison involving compact luxury SUVs, the BMW X3 scored the highest out of all of the contenders, which really should be no surprise. After racking up a total of 80 points in CR’s road test, the BMW X3 beat the second place contender—the new Range Rover Evoque—by 20 points. Check […]

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