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2016 – The Last Classic Land Rover Defender

After 68 years in production, the classic Land Rover Defender is finally no more

There are many storied histories throughout the automotive industry, but the one about the Land Rover Defender and how it birthed an icon is by far one of the more significant ones. That’s because the Defender has technically been in production for over 68 years, first beginning life as the pre-production “Huey” Series I. So, […]

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Report: The next Land Rover Defender won’t look at all like the recent concepts

Have you been wondering about the situation regarding the replacement for one of Land Rover’s most iconic models, the Defender? We have too, and thankfully, AutomotiveNews came to our avail to supply us with a new update. For those who are having a hard time remembering, Land Rover has been busy going back and forth on […]

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2015 Frankfurt – IAA Jaguar Land Rover Reveal 007 Spectre Star Cars (55)

2015 Frankfurt – IAA: Jaguar-Land Rover fully reveal James Bond star cars from up and coming Spectre

Jaguar-Land Rover had some big moments already at the Frankfurt Motor Show, what with the revealing of the F-Pace and their new Guinness World Record. To further emphasize their big spotlight, they even brought the starring cars from James Bond’s latest up and coming film Spectre, for a full reveal. We already knew the lovely […]

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Report: Tuning firm Kahn attempts to one up the Mercedes-AMG G63 AMG 6×6

Mercedes-Benz loves to do things that are out of this world, besides AMG-ifying nearly every single car in their lineup. If the idea of an AMG Gelandewagen wasn’t enough for you, no problem, which is why they made the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6. Though Mercedes might not be alone in the attempt to make a bonkers, […]

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Report: Land Rover Defender production extended

Land Rover Defender lovers rejoice! Or, at least in Europe and Asia, where it’s readily sold and available. The Birmingham Post with a contributing report from AutomotiveNews Europe states that Land Rover is actually extending production of the Defender due to high demand. This is regardless of the fact that a new Defender is on its way […]

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Report: Land Rover’s new Defender could get an SVR variant

Big news from Land Rover is the coming of the next-generation Defender, which according to AutoExpress in the UK, could be getting a new SVR version. Land Rover’s been planning some big things with their newly established Special Vehicle Operations division in partnership with Jaguar, and Land Rover’s design chief, Gerry McGovern, apparently hinted at this new […]

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Report: Land Rover’s new Defender to be ready in 2018, to be sold in the US

So the original Land Rover Defender is about to be phased out and there is a replacement on the way. And now, Automobile Magazine claims to have heard about some more details regarding the next Defender. Due for a reveal sometime in 2018 with the outgoing model ending in December of this year, the new Defender […]

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Jaguar-Land Rover confirms the starring cars of 007’s Spectre

James Bond has a new film coming out in the near-future and it’s pretty apparent Jaguar-Land Rover has a huge influence on the feature since both brands have been supplying new vehicles for the stunts, which makes total sense since Britain loves perpetuating its own national pride. While James Bond is driving an Aston Martin […]

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Land Rover reveals final line of Defenders before sending off into the pages of history

It’s with a sad heart and consideration for the inevitable that the beloved and legendary Land Rover Defender lineup is going to end in its current form. And to make sure the Defender goes off with a bang, Land Rover revealed a new line of special edition models. It consists of the Defender Heritage Edition, […]

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Land Rover edges closer to ceasing Defender production with a final edition by SVO

Land Rover Defender fans just have to face the inevitable–the current Defender that we’ve all come to love and know is going to end eventually in the near future. And to celebrate its triumphant life, Land Rover’s SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) division is building a special edition final model. The SVO-finished model will be a […]

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OPEN BOX Vision X HIL-7440R LED Bulb picture
OPEN BOX Vision X HIL-7440R LED Bulb
COB LED 20W Yellow Emergency Hazard Strobe Beacon Caution Warning Light Bar C12 picture
COB LED 20W Yellow Emergency Hazard Strobe Beacon Caution Warning Light Bar C12
Land Rover DEFENDER 90/110   LED Rear License Number Plate Light Lamp picture
Land Rover DEFENDER 90/110 LED Rear License Number Plate Light Lamp
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Universal 3in1 Car 12V Digital LED Voltmeter Gauge+Thermometer+USB Charger 2.1A
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Wagner 17171 Lamp Assembly Sidemarker