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Report: Next-gen Toyota GT86 to get hybridized with F1-style KERS system

Some new news rings from Motoring, supposedly regarding the next-gen Toyota GT86, which will happen, despite having some initial setbacks with sales for the first generation (sadly). According to the Australian outlet, who spoke with some insiders at Toyota, the next-generation GT86 will happen and will come with an F1-style KERS system, or Kinetic Energy Regeneration […]

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Report: Next Ferrari V12 to forgo turbocharging for hybridization

If you haven’t been noticing recently, Ferrari’s been jumping on the forced-induction train for a lot of their new models. Firstly, we had the California T and now the 488GTB. And if you were thinking Ferrari probably has plans to add snails and some intercoolers to their next V12, you’d actually be wrong. AutoCar reports the […]

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Nissan Vision Gran Turismo Concept Teaser

Nissan teases Vision Gran Turismo Concept, debuts on the 16th of this month

Nissan recently teased a new Vision Gran Turismo Concept, which provides some pointers as to what to visually expect for the next-generation Nissan GT-R, which has begun its slow and dreadful path into obsolescence. But either way, it paves the road for the all-new next version. So far, some reports suggest that the GT-R is […]

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Report: GM’s Mark Reuss says a Chevrolet Corvette Hybrid is “a very attractive idea”

The two concepts of muscle car and hybrid are as much of polar opposites as oil and water. Additionally, any idea of combining the two together is as sacrilegious as committing treason against Uncle Sam. Though in an interesting interview between GM’s Mark Reuss and the LA Times, the idea of a Chevrolet Corvette hybrid […]

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2013 Volvo KERS Development

Video: Volvo confirms research and development on F1-style KERS hybrid system for mass production

Volvo has been truly focusing on their alternative propulsion systems for their future models. As an example, the Swedish automaker has just confirmed that they’re testing their own F1-style KERS system, much like the one found on the Ferrari La Ferrari supercar. “The testing of this complete experimental system for kinetic energy recovery was carried […]

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1998 Dodge Ram Truck DT6663 Dark Chestnut Pearl Pint Basecoat Paint picture
1998 Dodge Ram Truck DT6663 Dark Chestnut Pearl Pint Basecoat Paint