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Sylvester Stallone shows off his Hendrick Camaro SS to Jason Statham

While Sylvester Stallone may not have good taste in movies, he certainly has a good taste in cars. The man showed up at a recent celebrity award dinner with his new supercharged Hendrick 25th Anniversary Chevrolet Camaro. Fellow car lover Jason Statham also seemed to be impressed by Stallone’s choice of wheels. – By: Kap […]

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Video: Audi Super Bowl XLIII Commercial: The Chase featuring Jason Statham

Audi’s ‘Chase’ commercial just made its debut during the big game. Our favorite part? When Jason Statham walks up to the Lexus and the scene just cuts to the Supercharged Audi A6. Let us know how you’re enjoying the game so far. If you’re an Arizona fan – we feel your pain. Grade: A – […]

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Audi to feature redesigned A6 and Jason Statham in Super Bowl ad

Usually when you think of Audi in a high-speed chase scene you think of Jason Statham behind the wheel in Transporter. Well, that’s exactly what Audi is going for with their 60-second Super Bowl XLIII ad for next month. Audi’s “Chase” ad will feature the new redesigned supercharged A6 and Transporter Jason StathamĀ as he tries […]

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