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Video: Watch the Aston Martin DB10 get detailed inside and out

We’re still drooling over Aston Martin’s basically one-off DB10 model, even though it won’t be sold to the public and was designed and built specifically for James Bond’s use in the new 007 film, Spectre. But like us, if you can’t get enough of Aston’s sexy new coupe, Aston Martin granted renowned YouTuber, Shmee, a chance to […]

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Video: Watch Aston Martin go behind the scenes with Spectre

Aston Martin’s major roll in Spectre is undisputed, despite being an obvious contributor to product placement. But James Bond’s official car has always been notoriously an Aston Martin! So it gets excused. Nonetheless, the starring car for the world’s most famous British secret agent is the one-off DB10, which is to be driven like a […]

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2015 Frankfurt – IAA Jaguar Land Rover Reveal 007 Spectre Star Cars (55)

2015 Frankfurt – IAA: Jaguar-Land Rover fully reveal James Bond star cars from up and coming Spectre

Jaguar-Land Rover had some big moments already at the Frankfurt Motor Show, what with the revealing of the F-Pace and their new Guinness World Record. To further emphasize their big spotlight, they even brought the starring cars from James Bond’s latest up and coming film Spectre, for a full reveal. We already knew the lovely […]

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Jaguar-Land Rover confirms the starring cars of 007’s Spectre

James Bond has a new film coming out in the near-future and it’s pretty apparent Jaguar-Land Rover has a huge influence on the feature since both brands have been supplying new vehicles for the stunts, which makes total sense since Britain loves perpetuating its own national pride. While James Bond is driving an Aston Martin […]

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Report: James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 won’t be sold to the public

We already know that James Bond is getting a wicked awesome new Aston Martin in his next movie, Spectre. And usually, the cars used in the movies are often available to the public as normal models but now, this won’t be the case for the DB10, reports Top Gear in the UK. According to their report […]

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Report: Bond’s villian, to drive Jaguar C-X75 in Spectre

As the latest teasers for James Bond’s latest film, Spectre, surfaced earlier this month, more and more information has surfaced in regards to the next big thing in the Bond universe–the return of the empire led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld. And of course, what’s a cool Bond movie without cool cars. So far, we know […]

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Report: Nine custom vehicles designed for James Bond’s Spectre stolen

The New York Times reports some bad news from Düsseldorf, Germany, where nine customized vehicles were stolen from garage where James Bond’s upcoming feature, Spectre, is being filmed. Five of those vehicles were Land Rover Range Rover Sports, so this was not a cheap loss whatsoever. The report also says the German police were unfortunately left with no clues […]

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Report: James Bond to also pilot the new Fiat 500 in Spectre

James Bond won’t only be getting seat time in his usual Aston Martin, compliments of Q-branch. He’ll also be piloting the new Fiat 500 in a high-speed chase within the scene. And naturally, that scene is said to take place in Italy. Bond has a habit of hopping through vehicles with some even originally confusing […]

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Aston Martin confirms their latest model, to be driven by James Bond

Aston Martin revealed a new car and that new car will be piloted by the one and only James Bond, amid the first teaser for the next installment, called Spectre. It’s called the DB10 and was made exclusively for 007, putting the last DBS into retirement. The new DB10 utilizes a profile that’s similar to […]

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Report: 59 James Bond vehicles up for sale for 20M GBP

An entire collection of authentic and original James Bond cars is up for sale in the UK for 20 million GBP, which features 59 vehicles total. In 2011, it was purchased the vehicles by multi-millionaire, Michael Dezer, when it was much smaller. He then ended up expanding the collection and is now a real estate […]

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