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Jaguar-Land Rover plans a butt-load more of SVR models

Jaguar-Land Rover is getting pretty serious with the expansion of their SVR performance brands, so much that the Special Vehicle Operations division is said to have planned a butt-load of additional models for the near-future. So far, the only official SVR models we have right now since the sub-brand’s establishment in 2014 are the Range […]

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Report: Jaguar-Land Rover to be planning a SV-badged lineup under SVR

Jaguar-Land Rover seeks to expand their lineup with another special series of cars, which are to be badged as SV models, as part of the brand’s Special Vehicle Operations division. The SVO division is responsible for the SVR lineup for Land Rover and will also be responsible for making Jaguar’s R models. Now, the plan […]

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