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Video: Jaguar releases more details on the new F-Pace crossover

Jaguar’s in the works with their very first crossover SUV ever, and it’s promising to be the best-driver’s crossover in its class, thanks to the new info provided by the Coventry firm. So don’t worry, the F-Pace won’t come close to tramping into the territory of its corporate partner, Land Rover, who are significantly geared […]

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Report: Jaguar’s new F-Pace crossover to spawn a series of new SUVs for the Leaping Cat

Jaguar is in the midst of developing their first-ever crossover SUV, originally previewed by the oddly handsome, XF-on-stilts, the C-X17 Concept. Click here for more news on the Jaguar C-X17. According to a recent report from AutoCar, the new F-Pace isn’t the only crossover SUV in the works from Jaguar. Instead, the Coventry-based firm seeks to […]

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Report: Jaguar F-Pace to debut in Frankfurt

We all know Jaguar is in the works with a new luxury crossover to compete with the likes of BMW X5 and the Audi Q7. Now, AutoCar has learned that a new version called the F-Pace should show up at Frankfurt this year. The crossover is expected to be based off of the C-X17 Concept, which […]

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Report: Jaguar won’t refer to the production C-X17 as an SUV

We already know Jaguar is comprehensively looking to entire the luxury SUV crossover market with big pouncing attack, but don’t for one second expect to call Jaguar’s SUV a SUV. In a similar marketing stint like BMW naming their crossover an SAV or a “Sports Activity Vehicle,” Jaguar should be calling theirs a “sports crossover.” […]

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Jaguar’s C-X17 Crossover Concept goes silver at Dubai

The Dubai Motor show happened this past week and Jaguar brought their C-X17 Concept to the show, complete with an all-new paint job. When the crossover concept debuted originally, it was showcased in an eclectic shade of metallic blue. Now, the C-X17 was dressed up in silver to help gauge market interest in the Middle […]

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Report: Jaguar on the road to launching at least four new models by 2018

A lot of news has been surrounding Jaguar as of recent as the small Coventry-based automaker is really adamant about tightening their aim on the proverbial competition from Germany and Japan. So far, we already know that the Leaping Cat is on the verge of producing an SUV crossover and an all-new compact sports sedan […]

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2013 Jaguar C-X17 Concept (26)

2013 Frankfurt: Jaguar reveals its much anticipated SUV crossover concept, the C-X17 w/ video

Jaguar has been under heavy watch as of recent for their much anticipated and much-rumored crossover SUV, a first for the brand in all of its history. And speaking of which, the Coventry-based automaker just revealed its latest concept to test the market with their latest efforts. The concept was originally hinted as the C-X17, […]

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Jaguar teases new C-X17 Concept, could preview the much-anticipated SUV crossover

Jaguar confirmed to be revealing a new concept car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show by releasing a teaser on their media site. Judging by the silhouette and the biggest buzz about the Coventry-based automaker, the new concept could potentially preview Jaguar’s much-anticipated SUV crossover. Called the C-X17, the new model will also usher in […]

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Limited New Sale Design Jaguar C X17 Crossover Concept Wheels Sport Watch picture
Limited New Sale Design Jaguar C X17 Crossover Concept Wheels Sport Watch