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Report: More rumors about a possible Honda S2000 successor

Motoring is at it again with some more rumors, this time regarding Honda. Honda was recently in the news after revealing their new Kei car roadster, the S660, for Japan. This has some of the news sphere all excited because some are anticipating this as Honda’s return to making affordable sports cars. Some rumors have […]

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Report: Honda’s S660 could gain a Type-R variant and a new S1000 is possible

Ok, so it seems like Honda’s finally gotten a grip on the reality of their position–that it could be so much better than what it is right now. This is observable from the extremely-likable Honda Civic Coupe Concept from the New York Auto Show and the introduction of their new Kei roadster, the S660, currently […]

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Honda S660 roadster launches in Japan this week

In an age when the United States is, at long last and after much pining, receiving some of Europe and Asia’s best performance vehicles – the brand new Focus RS springs immediately to mind – consistently being denied fun Hondas seems like an injustice that will never, ever be set right. As if not getting […]

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Report: Honda’s anticipated subcompact S660 to hit production by 2015

Japanese media reports that Honda’s newly anticipated S660 subcompact rear-wheel drive sports roadster will begin production next year. The S660 poses as a new entry-level model that follows in the footsteps of Japan’s long history with micro-sized Kei cars, specifically the original Honda Beat. The Honda Beat ceased production back in 1996, sporting an equally micro […]

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Wiseco Lightweight Wrist Pin 19Mmx1.987
Wiseco Lightweight Wrist Pin 19Mmx1.987" for Honda,Triumph S-660 S660
HONDA S660  Rear SPOILER [5015400] picture
HONDA S660 Rear SPOILER [5015400]
HONDA S660  Front Bumper Face [6710110] picture
HONDA S660 Front Bumper Face [6710110]
Wiseco - S660C - Wrist Pin picture
Wiseco - S660C - Wrist Pin
Wiseco - S660 - Wrist Pin picture
Wiseco - S660 - Wrist Pin