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Report: Subaru WRX hatchback downplayed again, despite previous reports

In a sort of automotive news tug-o-war, there seems to be conflicting reports now, surrounding the emergence of a Subaru WRX five-door hatchback. When the WRX was first revealed, Subaru didn’t say that a hatchback was on the way. Following that, a report from Australia’s Motoring.com said that Subaru was thinking about it… But a new update […]

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Spy Shots: 2015 Five-Door Mini Cooper S

Posters at the Dutch Newminiclub forums nabbed this shot of the 2015 five-door Mini Cooper S. Based on the three-door coupe, the five-door Mini, internally designated as the F55, will use BMW’s UKL platform and share the three-door’s three-pot 136 horsepower, gas-powered turbocharged engine, as well as the three-cylinder diesel and 192 horsepower gasoline-powered four variants. […]

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Review: 2011 Ford Fiesta opens up the highways to all mankind

Henry Ford’s original vision was to open up the highways to all mankind. With a starting price tag of $13,320, the 2011 Ford Fiesta is doing just that with best-in-class fuel-economy figures, technology features that you’d expect from a car priced above $25,000 and outstanding engineering and design in one subcompact package. Ford had originally […]

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