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FCA appoints a new head of Alfa Romeo and Maserati

If you’ve been following the revival of Alfa Romeo and even the overhaul of Maserati, you’d know that Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles have had it a bit rough over the past couple years, which is obviously seen with how many times they delayed the launch of Alfa Romeo’s new products. For instance, the all-new and attractive Giulia […]

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Report: Alfa Romeo hints at a high-performance 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C recently began selling in the United States, marking the brand’s triumphant return to the North American market as a high-volume car maker. And to sweeten the air around Alfa’s return, word is via¬†CARandDRIVER that Alfa may be planning a high-performance 4C. After speaking to the brand’s CEO, Harald Wester,¬†C/D learned that […]

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