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Report: GM halts production for cars, fingers point to heavy crossover SUV demand

Like you’ve never heard us tout how popular crossovers are before… What’s going on? Crossovers! “Oh jeeze…” Yea. I know what you’re thinking. We get it. They’re popular. I get it too. But this is how crazy it can get. Car demand is so slow for General Motors, multiple reports indicate the Big Three’s General […]

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General Motors’ design chief Ed Welburn to retire in July

Some rather sad news was published on GM’s PR wire to announce that the corporation’s head of design, Ed Welburn, will be retiring on July 1, bringing an end to his long, 44-year career with the automaker. Taking his place will be Michael Simcoe, who was formerly GM’s international design vice president for Australia and […]

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2015 – One Millionth Chevrolet Corvette Restored

General Motors finalizes restoration of One Millionth Chevrolet Corvette

Remember back in the day, when the National Corvette Museum suffered a huge loss after a massive sinkhole opened up under the Skydome section of the building, swallowing some historically important Chevrolet Corvettes whole (actually it just happened last year)? Well, General Motors wouldn’t let their precious pieces of history be lost in the pages to […]

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Recalls: The 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt recalled in US and Canada for non-deploying airbags

More recalls continue to haunt General Motors, mainly this time, with Chevrolet and the 2010 Cobalt. Besides the fact that we feel terribly sorry for anyone who decided to subject themselves to the abomination of a Chevrolet Cobalt and its ownership, we’re still encouraging those with affected cars to get them repairs for non-deploying airbags, […]

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Report: Expect a new Opel Insignia sometime in 2017

Ever heard of the Opel Insignia? Sure you have, though it’s not exactly a car that’s officially sold here in North America, specifically as an Opel Insignia. Instead, we know it as the Buick Regal, a rather competitive near-luxury sedan with a strong backbone and characteristics to keep it from being a top choice for […]

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The 2016 Buick LaCrosse, Regal, and Verano sedans gain new Sport Touring treatment

Not too long ago, Buick introduced as new trim package to the 2016 Encore called the Sport Touring variant, offering up a sportier version of the mini-crossover complete with aesthetic upgrades, tweaks here and there, and even some more power. However, the Sport Touring package is no longer bespoke to the Encore as Buick officially announced to […]

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The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is here just in time for some summer droptop fun

It wasn’t too long ago that the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro coupe was revealed for the world to see, entering its sixth generation. That said, it was only a matter of time until the Camaro convertible was to be released. Low and behold, here it is, complete with its head chopped off in favor of folding […]

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Report: Cadillac’s retiring the XTS by 2019–and we’re not worried

Cadillac attempted the large, front-wheel drive sedan one more time with the XTS and while it was fine as a luxury car, it wasn’t that very appealing in any other way, except for those who run black cab and Uber services. That said, Cadillac knows this and have decided to ax the XTS in 2019, […]

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Report: General Motors has no regrets dumping Saab, Saturn, Hummer, and Pontiac

AutomotiveNews recently sat down at a press conference with GM’s current CEO, Mary Barra, where she said GM doesn’t miss any of the brands it recently discontinued during the bankruptcy period of 2008. Many GM fans have been mourning over the death of particular stablemates like Pontiac because that brand gave us one of the […]

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GM introduces new Dynamic Skip Fire System, is basically next-gen cylinder deactivation w/ video

Computer-controlled engine ignition and timing has led to the introduction of unique internal combustion engine features such as cylinder deactivation. General Motors is the first to attempt what’s known as variable displacement, and it started life in the infamous Cadillac V8-6-4, which anyone who remembers, was a truly problematic motor simply because computers weren’t powerful enough […]

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Fits Red Smoke 03-06 Silverado Sierra Philips-LED Perform Tail Lights Brake Lamp picture
Fits Red Smoke 03-06 Silverado Sierra Philips-LED Perform Tail Lights Brake Lamp
GM OEM 25778568 Switch, Accelerator Pedal/Accelerator Pedal Sensor picture
GM OEM 25778568 Switch, Accelerator Pedal/Accelerator Pedal Sensor
New GM OEM Black Cigarette Lighter Heater  1999-2004 CORVETTE picture
New GM OEM Black Cigarette Lighter Heater 1999-2004 CORVETTE
67 68 69 Camaro Firebird OEM Front Sway Bar Chevy Pontiac GM  picture
67 68 69 Camaro Firebird OEM Front Sway Bar Chevy Pontiac GM