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GM to make hydrogen-powered vehicles, fueling infrastructure a reality in Hawaii by 2015

Hydrogen-powered vehicles may be a reality sooner than previously thought. Ten organizations, comprised of various companies, agencies, and universities, have joined an initiative between GM and The Gas Company (TGC) to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles and an accompanying fueling infrastructure to Hawaii by 2015. The plan is called the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative (H2I), and aims to […]

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GM: Real world testing proves that HydroGen4 fuel-cell SUVs are viable

Just last week, the Obama administration announced that it will eliminate¬†former President George W. Bush”s $1.2 billion plan to develop cars that run on hydrogen fuel-cells. The current administration said that they would much rather¬†target more immediate fuel-saving solutions. However, that hasn’t stopped from GM/Opel to continue testing their HydroGen4 vehicles. GM said in statement […]

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GM HydroGen4 Concept unveiled with 199 mile range

GM announced today that its new HydroGen4 fuel-cell vehicle is ready for real-world testing. Nine companies in the Berlin area will be participating in GM’s zero-emission test program. The fourth-generation fuel-cell vehicle is the result of 10 years of development and work with hydrogen and fuel-cell technology and is a part of a program that […]

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