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Report: BMW and Toyota are considering four to six options on how to proceed with all-new midsized sports coupe

Australia‚Äôs Drive.com has supposedly received an update on the much rumored and much-anticipated BMW and Toyota sports car collaboration that has many betting money on the revival of the much revered Toyota Supra nameplate. According to the report, Toyota and BMW have between four to six options on the table as to how to proceed […]

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Report: Audi working on fuel-cell technology by expanding fleet with an A7-based model

AutoCarUK reports that Audi is in the midst of developing an A7-based hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle as auto makers move on from exploring electric powertrains. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles are once again gaining some exposure in the spotlights because fuel-cells generate electricity by simply combusting hydrogen. Chemistry and physics majors would kindly note that any sort of […]

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