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2012 Geneva: Toyota FT-Bh Concept

2012 Geneva: Toyota FT-Bh Concept looks at future of an affordable hybrid

Toyota has unveiled its FT-Bh Concept – a vehicle that it is based around the idea of an affordable hybrid with reduced weight and somethings that does ‘not require exotic, expensive materials or complex manufacturing procedures, but used instead only those that are already commonly available in the motor industry.’ Why even make this?┬áBasically, Toyota […]

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Toyota FT-Bh Concept

Toyota FT-Bh Concept avoids use of expensive materials, will debut in Geneva

Toyota has released a teaser of a new concept called the FT-Bh Concept. The concept is an “ultra-lightweight, full hybrid vehicle study, designed to achieve low emissions within an economically viable production framework.” Toyota wasn’t afraid to say that the process and the main concept behind the FT-Bh was to avoid the use of expensive […]

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