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Report: Florida dad lays the hammer down, makes an example by selling disobedient son’s first car

I remember my first car–it was probably one of the greatest moments of my life and almost is for pretty much anyone who had to go through a similar experience. It was also one of some troubling times because I wasn’t exactly the most responsible young and new driver at the time. I never did anything […]

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2017 Ford Interceptor Utility

Ford’s Explorer-based Ford Interceptor utility vehicle gets a little more badass

Ford has been supplying fleet vehicles for police and law enforcement for years and the latest to come from Dearborn is the most up-to-date Explorer-based Interceptor Utility Vehicle. And it just got a little more badass! Heightening my awareness of any new-generation Ford Explorer I see in my mirror, the newest model gets a little […]

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Report: Ford’s working on an entire SUV overhaul consisting of four new models

AutoGuide recently received the scoop from some Ford employees, who disclosed some information regarding Dearborn’s future line of SUVs. According to their latest finding, Ford’s working on a total of four new SUV models within the near future by 2020. It sounds quite ambiguous, but from what the nitty gritty says, there’s a chance we […]

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Report: Is Ford working on a new truck project based on the F150?

Twitter can be an interesting thing, especially if you follow major players in the automobile industry, such as the account for Ford Truck’s communications manager, Mike Levine. Speaking of which, Mr. Levine tweeted an apparent “sneak preview” of a “cool project we’re (sic) working on,” while attaching a picture of a classic F100 “Explorer” pickup […]

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Ford teases a new Police Interceptor–prepare to memorize new headlight designs

Ford is an important figure to the United States, not just for being a major innovator, but also being a signature fleet supplier for law enforcement vehicles. Their efforts today are no different and recently, Ford decided to teases their new crossover-based Police Interceptor. Judging by the picture, the new squad car is based off […]

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2015 Ford Everest

The 2015 Ford Everest, is released, comes with a stick

Now offered in most of Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, (and later, sub-Saharan Africa) the Ford Everest is a truck-based SUV fighting the likes of the Toyota 4-Runner and other off-road vehicles. Up front sits either a 2.0 liter direct injected turbo four gasser or, if you’re so inclined, a 2.2 or 3.2 liter turbodiesel four […]

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Ford reveals updated 2015 Explorer, gets a new appearance package

Ford officially announced the coming of the slightly updated 2015 Explorer. Along with some minor changes, the 2015 Ford Explorer also receives a new appearance package for the XLT trim level, adding a sportier look and more tech and comfort features. The package itself includes a new grille, mirror caps, and 20-inch machined aluminum wheels […]

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Report: The Ford Explorer and Expedition could follow the way of the aluminum body

Ford has really been betting on their extensive use of aluminum in their new line of trucks as their selling point for the future, mainly with the F150. The F150 revolutionized the pickup segment by smashing pessimism of skeptics with the next generation all-aluminum bodied model. And to keep the ball rolling, Ford may be […]

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Ford gets 45% bump in sales in Q1 2014, passes 100,000 sales in March

Though Ford is no stranger to the Chinese market, their presence seems to have been significantly amplified recently, and they have recently released pretty concrete proof: this year’s March is better than last year’s March. This boost is from the boosted Ford Focus ST, Ford Explorer, Ford Edge, and Ford Fiesta ST, whose sales grew […]

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Ford to standardize auto stop-start on 70 percent of their North American lineup by 2017

Ford officially announced to be standardizing auto start-start systems to much of its model range following some rumored reports that the Dearborn automaker was going to do as such. This is obviously in lieu of stringent fuel economy standards, which have automakers struggling to increase figures to meet recent CAFE regulations. According to Ford, the […]

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09 Explorer AC Compressor 4.0L 123K OEM picture
09 Explorer AC Compressor 4.0L 123K OEM
Hanging Diffuser Bottle Auto Car Air Freshener Printed Perfume Fragrance Durable picture
Hanging Diffuser Bottle Auto Car Air Freshener Printed Perfume Fragrance Durable
New DEC Catalytic Converter, MAZ2192 picture
New DEC Catalytic Converter, MAZ2192
New DEC Catalytic Converter and Pipe Assembly, FOR9T20432 picture
New DEC Catalytic Converter and Pipe Assembly, FOR9T20432
Whitmor Fashion Polypro Color Organizer Hanging Accessory Shelves Grey, New picture
Whitmor Fashion Polypro Color Organizer Hanging Accessory Shelves Grey, New