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Ferrari reveals one-off F12 TRS at annual Cavalcade gathering in Europe

Ferrari revealed a unique one-off version of the F12 Berlinetta called the F12 TRS, which was revealed after being teased not too long ago. The revealing took place at this year’s Ferrari Cavalcade–its an annual event where many owners of Ferraris come together to show off their beauts. This year, it ended in Sicily and […]

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Spy Shots: Ferrari preparing a one-off F12 TRS hybrid roadster

Some new pictures have surfaced of what appears to be a very unique F12 Berlinetta. This one has no roof, lots of modifications to the body, and the powerplant from a LaFerrari. The result is an ultra-rare open-top 6.3L V12 monster that ready to lay down more than 730hp. Not much is known but the […]

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