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Report: Volkswagen undergoing massive corporate shakeup, could be split into four holding companies

Volkswagen AG hasn’t been having the brightest days recently as the company reached some recent time deadlines and were found to be nowhere near their projected sales figures. Because of this, there was a major corporate shakeup in an attempt to figure out what went wrong and when. And the shakeup got so big, that […]

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Report: Volkswagen still seeking a new chairman–time to submit your resumes

If you haven’t been following, Volkswagen’s been in need of some new leadership and management after an interesting debacle in the executive branch of the Wolfsburg giant led to the forced resignation of Mr. Volkswagen himself, Ferdinand Piech. Piech and his wife were forced to step down from their positions after he failed an attempt […]

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Volkswagen Group Chairman, Ferdinand Piech, forced to quit Volkswagen

Recently, we reported that Volkswagen AG’s current corporate management situation is brewing with some controversy amid unsatisfactory sales figures in recent times. Now, Volkswagen AG officially reports that their group chairman, Ferdinand Piech, was forced to resign from his position on the committee board. Piech’s wife, who also had a position on the board, also resigned as well. […]

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Report: Things at Volkswagen AG aren’t as pretty as you think

Volkswagen’s empire seems to be doing things well as their new cars can be seen in great numbers, providing transportation to hundreds of thousands of people. And the same goes for their luxury partner from Ingolstadt, Audi. However, if you start doing some research on Audi’s or Volkswagen’s sales figures, you’ll actually be surprised to see that […]

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Report: Porsche 960 to don quad-turbo flat-eight engine, to see production by 2017

Remember that rumored mid-engined Porsche supercar, which seems to have a mission of succeeding the outrageous Porsche Carrera GT from some years ago? It appears Automobile has been able to dive further into the rumor by obtaining some info about it. According to the report, the new Porsche mid-engined supercar is internally coded the Porsche […]

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1987 VW Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech - Original Car Review Print Article J396 picture
1987 VW Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech - Original Car Review Print Article J396