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Report: Mercedes-Benz could create sub-brand to rival BMW i

Mercedes-Benz isn’t exactly taking the existence of BMW’s i line of vehicles very lightly, especially since it’s been gaining some traction. That said, word from AutoCar is that Stuttgart’s finest is considering a sub-brand to compete directly with BMW’s i3 and i8. So yes, this means Mercedes-Benz might come up with their own eco-friendly, sustainable division […]

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Report: The Mercedes-Benz GLC-based F-CELL hydrogen crossover should be around by next year

AutoCar received some developing news on the hydrogen fuel-cell front as Mercedes-Benz is apparently preparing an F-CELL variant to the GLC crossover. As a refresher, the GLC is the successor to the GLK crossover, built on an entirely-new platform designed to accomodate a wide variety of powertrains. This F-CELL hydrogen fuel-cell system would be one […]

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Report: Hyundai’s developing a new hydrogen vehicle with a range of more than 500 miles

Hyundai is looking to step up their game with the push to hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars as they currently have the ix35 Fuel Cell, which is basically a Euro Tucson powered by hydrogen. Now, they’re seeking to build a new, updated model to succeed this current ix35 Fuel Cell model, according to AutoCar in the UK. […]

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Report: Lexus fuel-cell LS due in 2016 on next-gen model

Australia media reports Lexus is preparing a production fuel-cell car that should be based on the next-generation LS, due sometime in 2016. According to the report from Motoring, the new Lexus LS fuel-cell should sit above the 600h hybrid model, which is expected to continue into the next generation. The powertrain is said to be an […]

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Toyota details the 2016 Mirai FCV with videos

Toyota recently dumped some media and details surrounding the new 2016 Mirai FCV, which sets to up the ante in the push for making hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles more common. The Japanese automobile giant has been known to be working on fuel-cell vehicles for quite some time as their concept is real simple–using a complex process […]

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