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Report: Hyundai’s next-generation fuel-cell picks up steam, should be introduced next year

AutoCar reports Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel-cell program is beginning to pick up steam as the company plans to have its next-generation model out by next year. Hyundai’s current fuel-cell project is based off of the ix35 or the Tucson–or last generation’s model for that matter, and the latest replacement is already out. So it wouldn’t be […]

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Report: The Mercedes-Benz GLC-based F-CELL hydrogen crossover should be around by next year

AutoCar received some developing news on the hydrogen fuel-cell front as Mercedes-Benz is apparently preparing an F-CELL variant to the GLC crossover. As a refresher, the GLC is the successor to the GLK crossover, built on an entirely-new platform designed to accomodate a wide variety of powertrains. This F-CELL hydrogen fuel-cell system would be one […]

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Report: Hyundai’s developing a new hydrogen vehicle with a range of more than 500 miles

Hyundai is looking to step up their game with the push to hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars as they currently have the ix35 Fuel Cell, which is basically a Euro Tucson powered by hydrogen. Now, they’re seeking to build a new, updated model to succeed this current ix35 Fuel Cell model, according to AutoCar in the UK. […]

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Vision Tokyo

2015 Tokyo: Mercedes-Benz unveils the Vision Tokyo Concept

Mercedes-Benz is participating in this year’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show Festivities with the new Vision Tokyo Concept. Pitched as a minivan concept that’s greatly similar to the F015 Luxury In Motion concept, this new Vision Tokyo Concept is geared towards the so-called Generation Z crowd, or those born after 1995. In other words, this concept […]

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Report: Mercedes-Benz to reveal new FCV by 2017

Mercedes-Benz officially announced to be on time with the launch of their next-generation hydrogen-fuel cell vehicle some where in the temporal area of 2017. Of course, Stuttgart kept their cards close as to what the fuel-cell model will consist of, but it wouldn’t be their first time producing a hydrogen FCV either. In the past, […]

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2015 Tokyo – Honda Clarity Fuel Cell (13)

2015 Tokyo: The production Honda Clarity Fuel Cell shows up in Japan’s capital

Honda’s ready to continue their quest to try and standardize more hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles with the all-new Clarity Fuel Cell, which arrived at the Tokyo Motor Show in full-production guise to take on the new Toyota Mirai. Built as a follow to the FCX Clarity, the new Honda Clarity FCV features a body that’s […]

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Report: Toyota could expand FCV family with new models to accompany Mirai

Toyota seems to be gaining lots of traction with its Mirai FCV, especially since they announced to be selling quite a few more than they originally projected. And because of the gaining popularity of the new Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, Toyota even themselves confirmed to be interested in producing more FCV vehicles. That said, more details […]

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Video: Watch this journalist attempt to drink water emitted from the Toyota Mirai

Ever wondered what would happen if you attempted to drink the water emitted from a hydrogen fuel-cell? Specifically a fuel-cell powered car? So would we. But thankfully, automotive journalist Vadim Ovsiankin decided to test this out for us. Don’t forget, one of the most enticing characteristics of hydrogen fuel-cells is the production of water as […]

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Toyota’s Mirai FCV is apparently kicking ass at sales, company considering more fuel-cell vehicles

Great news treehuggers and fuel-cell hydrogen activists! Toyota’s latest Mirai, the company’s latest hydrogen fuel-cell powered passenger car for select markets, is apparently selling quite well, so well in fact that the Mirai’s chief engineer, Yoshikazu Tanaka, officially announced to be interested in more hydrogen-powered cars. Obviously, Mr. Tanaka kept his cards closer to him […]

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Report: Lexus fuel-cell LS due in 2016 on next-gen model

Australia media reports Lexus is preparing a production fuel-cell car that should be based on the next-generation LS, due sometime in 2016. According to the report from Motoring, the new Lexus LS fuel-cell should sit above the 600h hybrid model, which is expected to continue into the next generation. The powertrain is said to be an […]

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Furuno Fcv-620 Color Lcd Sounder picture
Furuno Fcv-620 Color Lcd Sounder
HKS F-con V SR20DET S13 ECU computer picture
HKS F-con V SR20DET S13 ECU computer
Aeroquip FCV0615 AQP Socketless Hose picture
Aeroquip FCV0615 AQP Socketless Hose
NEW Aisin Engine Cooling Fan Clutch FCV002 Volvo 1357433 picture
NEW Aisin Engine Cooling Fan Clutch FCV002 Volvo 1357433
NEW Aisin Engine Cooling Fan Clutch FCV001 Volvo 1306259 picture
NEW Aisin Engine Cooling Fan Clutch FCV001 Volvo 1306259