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Report: Next-generation Toyota Camry could drop V6 for turbo-four

Word in the pipeline via AutomotiveNews is that Toyota could be dropping the beloved V6 for the Camry in 2016 to make way for a turbocharged four-banger. Recently, Toyota revealed their first new turbocharged four for the new era, which will first see duty on the incoming 2015 Lexus NX200t, capable of 228hp and 258 lb-ft […]

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Volkswagen reveals next generation European Passat for 2015

Volkswagen revealed the completely new next-generation Passat for Europe not to long ago, which enters its eighth generation. Donning completely new sheetmetal, the new Passat is shorter in height by two millimeters, wider by 12, and lower in overall height by six than the outgoing model. And because it’s a completely new generation, this new […]

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Chrysler announces great success with 2015 200 sedan, 10,000 orders placed on first day

Chrysler is proud to announce that they’ve had great success with the initial sales offerings for the all-new and completely redesigned 2015 200 sedan. According to company spokesperson, Rick Deneau, over 17,000 orders were placed for the new model, with nearly 10,000 of them recorded on the first day. This means the factory will be […]

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2015 Toyota Camry

2014 NYIAS: Toyota Camry gets unveiled

Are we excited? No, but this isn’t meant to be an exciting car. Toyota has once again very quickly redesigned the Camry midsize family sedan to appeal to everyone and to offend no one. The resulting design is beige and reminiscent of Camries predating the previous incarnation. The massive grille up front ekes out all […]

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Report: Mazda recalls 42,000 Mazda6 sedans

A few years ago, Mazda put out one of the more unusual recalls that we’be head of. They apologetically informed customers that they had been allowing (unintentionally) small, 8-legged invertebrates to live inside the cars’ fuel system. These spiders were evidently attracted to the smell of gasoline and took up residence, thanks to the size […]

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Hyundai teases next generation Sonata, to debut at New York

Amidst all of the international media attention flowing through the channels of the Interwebs, Hyundai released a quick rendering and teaser that previews the next-generation Sonata sedan. And by simply judging the teaser, the Sonata takes on a far more elegant design that gets us really excited. Not much information was shared, other than the […]

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2014 Dodge Avenger

Report: Chrysler 200S convertible sunsets for MY2015, Avenger gets thrown under the bus

As had been discussed some time ago, the Dodge Avenger may be eating up the sales of the Dodge Dart. The IIHS top safety pick Avenger is being killed off for MY 2015 “to reduce overlapping products in dealer showroom” according to a source within the depths of the Pentastar. Additionally, the Chrysler 200S will not […]

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2015 Subaru Legacy

2014 Chicago: Subaru’s 2015 Legacy gets the full spotlight

Following some online picture leaks and what not, Subaru finally revealed the all-new 2015 Legacy sedan, which moves the model much more into mainstream territory…unfortunately. Subaru did well to tease us with what could have been one drop-dead sexy and unique Legacy. But much like the new Impreza, the Legacy went the way of significant […]

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Report: Toyota’s 2014 Camry to receive “significant attention” for updates to keep with competition

Bloomberg has heard through the grapevine that Toyota will be revising the Camry for the 2014 with a series of tweaks. This is reflective of a growing trend where automakers are resorting to updating models with year-to-year changes like in the old days, versus long production cycles. Additionally, tighter completion has been cited as the […]

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2015 Chevrolet Impala CNG

Chevrolet reveals new CNG capable Impala for the 2015 model year

General Motors and Chevrolet launched a new version of the Impala, which can run on either regular gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG). Revealed in our nation’s capital, the new Impala joins an extremely small, but somewhat growing list of CNG-capable vehicles. One notable example from another brand would be Honda’s CNG-propelled Civic. No specifics […]

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Fiat Family Cars 124 Special Wagon 4 Door Sedan 128 2 Door Sedan Wagon - Vintage picture
Fiat Family Cars 124 Special Wagon 4 Door Sedan 128 2 Door Sedan Wagon - Vintage
Vintage 1928 FORD Original Manual Brochure Tudor Sedan Phaeton
Vintage 1928 FORD Original Manual Brochure Tudor Sedan Phaeton "The Family Group
1952 Packard 200 Touring 4-door Sedan photo
1952 Packard 200 Touring 4-door Sedan photo "One of Best Loved Families" Ad
1958 Citroen ID19 DS19 Sedan photo
1958 Citroen ID19 DS19 Sedan photo "Take the Family" vintage promo print ad