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Report: Ford files for “EcoBeast” trademark, could it be next-gen Raptor?

Some news surfaced surrounding Ford Motor Company, who apparently filed for a new trademark recently. The new filing is for the name, “EcoBeast,” which can only mean one thing–this may be the name for Ford’s next F150 Raptor. How do we figure this? Well, Ford’s currently high on their “EcoBoost” branding and combine that with […]

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The 2015 Hennessey Velociraptor Ford F150 fills the Raptor void for now

Ford currently doesn’t make the F150 Raptor with the latest generation, yet, until Detroit, when it’s rumored to surface. So if you are truly that impatient, or just want something different, Hennessey has something for you. It’s called the Velociraptor 600 Supercharged F150 and much like the name says, it’s a serious upgraded F150, made […]

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Report: GM and Ford apparently mulling electric pickups

Electric vehicles are definitely more popular than say, when GM killed the electric car in the 1990s. But if you notice one big pattern, none of the current EVs today are available in big, bulky, SUV and pickup truck forms. And that’s just simply because the two concepts clash quite terribly: EVs are built to […]

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Video: Can the Power Wheels F150 hold up an actual Ford F150?

As the title reads. Ford brags that its “built Ford tough” antics even carry over to the smaller Power Wheels F150s for the youngens. So Fisher Price and Ford decided to show off how tough the Power Wheels F150 is, like its real-life brethren. Just for some background information, the standard cab F150 being used […]

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Report: Ford working extra hard on F150 Hybrid attempt

Ford is really pushing outside the envelope with the new aluminum-bodied F150 and although it hasn’t quite been living up to the hype, Ford’s still not finished. According to the DetroitFreePress, Ford is even working on a gas-electric hybrid version of the F150. And apparently, Dearborn is working extra hard to make this happen. Last year, […]

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2014 NAIAS: Ford ups the full-size pickup ante with the 2015 F150

Ford revealed the all-new and rather revolutionary F150 today on the floor of the Cobo center. Marking a maj0r change for the industry, the 2015 Ford F150 features a high-strength aluminum body on a steel frame, which reduces weight and improves fuel economy. The new body reduces weight by up to a whopping 700lbs, which is […]

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2013 Ford F150

Report: Next gen Ford F150 may utilize a body with more aluminum

Ford is planning its next generation F-150 pickup truck, and is leaning towards using aluminum for the majority of the body. This move, according to Edmunds.com, would ‘petrify‘ the competition, as it would lighten the curb weight and improve the fuel economy. “The competitors are petrified by the breakthroughs that Ford might make in weight […]

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1999 F150 Right/Passanger Side Headlight Assembly picture
1999 F150 Right/Passanger Side Headlight Assembly
Dorman 579-004 Locking Ring picture
Dorman 579-004 Locking Ring
Dorman 620-154 Radiator Fan picture
Dorman 620-154 Radiator Fan
Dorman 594-206 New Harmonic Balancer picture
Dorman 594-206 New Harmonic Balancer
Dorman 598-119 EGR Line picture
Dorman 598-119 EGR Line