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2017 BMW i3

The BMW i3 gets updated for 2017 with more driving range and improved battery performance

BMW announced to be applying some minor updates to the i3 for the 2017 model year, most of which involve some extra battery power and improved performance, yielding a greater driving range distance. Speaking of which, the battery gets improved thanks to a 50% increase in charge capacity thanks to a greater energy density with the […]

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Report: The Chevrolet Volt former engineer believes Tesla will lose money on every Model 3 made

One of the fun aspects of the automobile industry involves watching all the automakers humorously attack each other in clever and witty ways with advertising and interviews, simply because they’re competing with each other and they take each other’s contests in good spirits. But sometimes, these competitions can get heated and like Election Season for […]

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Report: Ford is working on a Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3 long-range EV called the Model E

AutomotiveNews reports that Ford plans to continue with their idea of producing a long-range EV competitor to the Chevrolet Bolt and the Tesla Model 3. Naturally, the Ford car expected to be called the Model E. Initially, several announcements from Ford’s executive team didn’t exactly express high hopes for the EV market. But due to […]

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Report: Four major players from BMW’s i team jump ship for Chinese startup

It can be said that many of these boring bits of news regarding personnel changes are often harbingers and signs of things to come. And this latest development from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggest exactly that as they both report of four key members from BMW’s i team jumping ship for a new Chinese-based startup. […]

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Report: Tesla to offer Autopilot trial for one month, free

Tesla’s going on a short marketing stunt to offer their newly touted Autopilot autonomous driving tech for prospective customers. Those who choose to sign up will be able to try Tesla’s Autopilot program for free for one month. If you own a Tesla Model S or Model X, the cars are capable of using Autopilot, […]

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Volvo announces initiative to produce one million death-resistant electrified cars by 2025

Volvo’s aiming high to become a leading producer of electric vehicles, to combat the likes of Tesla Motors. They’re aiming so high, that they’re planning to produce and sell one million electrified vehicles by 2025. This includes both hybrids and full electric vehicles. The plan is to fully utilize their newly developed Scalable Product Architecture […]

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The Tesla Model X 70D base model gets replaced by the updated 75D

Tesla is having a bit of a rough start with the launch of the Model X, from recalls, to reliability and functionality issues and complaints, and even complaints over build quality. Elon Musk himself even admitted that they may have been a bit too ambitious. Nonetheless, Tesla just released a slightly updated Tesla Model X […]

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Recalls: The Tesla Model X gets recalled for a third-row seat issue

It seems the Tesla Model X crossover is off to a bit of a rough start, first with mixed critic reviews, and now a recall, according to The Verge. The safety alarm is sounded off for the Model X’s third-row seating arrangement on some 2,700 models in total. Some people in some lab coats found that […]

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Tesla Motors does away with the grille on the Model S for its facelift

Some previous rumors and reports were lingering, suggesting the Tesla Model S was going to receive a mid-cycle refresh and facelift for the new model year, and it’s finally here. The biggest and most prominent change to the Model S is the redesign of the front bumper, which now more closely resembles the Model X […]

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2016 Tesla Model S

Report: A facelift for the Tesla Model S is rumored to be near

Roadshow recently claimed to have spoken to “company insiders” regarding the possibility of a facelift update for the Tesla Model S sedan. According to this latest rumor, the update could be revealed as early as next week. Of course, details are sparse and limited, but speculation and common sense point in the direction of similar […]

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Novelty White HOV carpool stickers for Electric Vehicles picture
Novelty White HOV carpool stickers for Electric Vehicles
Motor controller for electric vehicles etc. alltrax AXE 4834 300 amp 0-5k throt picture
Motor controller for electric vehicles etc. alltrax AXE 4834 300 amp 0-5k throt
2003 Club Car V-Glide 36-Volt Electric Vehicles Service Manual Supplement DEALER picture
2003 Club Car V-Glide 36-Volt Electric Vehicles Service Manual Supplement DEALER
Turbocord charger for electric vehicles  picture
Turbocord charger for electric vehicles
Traxxas 3678 Wheelie Bar Assembly For Traxxas 2Wd Electric Vehicles picture
Traxxas 3678 Wheelie Bar Assembly For Traxxas 2Wd Electric Vehicles

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