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Report: BMW and Karma Automotive team up to produce hybrid and EV systems

Some big news hails in from BMW and the former smalltime luxury EV maker, Fisker, now renamed Karma Automotive, as the company just announced to have signed agreements with BMW, where BMW will supply automotive parts to Karma. The parts supply from BMW will allow Karma to build “high voltage battery charging systems and a […]

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The 2016 Nissan LEAF gets updated to buy some time before the next-gen model

The Nissan LEAF has been with us since 2010 and despite there being a new model under development, Nissan decided to release the 2016 model year with a laundry list of updates just to keep the model fresh, and perhaps buy some time to allow Nissan to continue developing the second-gen model. The biggest change […]

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Report: Honda’s working on an all-electric sports car with 350hp

Honda’s looking to delve into the world of the sports EV with an all-electric vehicle capable of producing 350hp, according to¬†AutoExpress. In a move likely influenced by Tesla Motors’ ability to make luxury sports EVs, Honda’s apparently seeking out its electric Pikes Peak competition car as a starting point for this new project. That specific […]

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Nissan IDS Concept

2015 Tokyo: The Nissan IDS Concept provides a glimpse into the next-gen LEAF w/ video

Nissan revealed a series of teasers before to let the world know they had something in store for this year’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. That teaser has led to the introduction of the new Nissan IDS Concept, a study and pitch at the next-generation Nissan LEAF EV. Representing the company’s aim towards their signature electric […]

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Report: Aston Martin plans to produce more all-electric sports cars, interested in fuel-cells too

Aston Martin is undergoing some significant changes and implementing some new plans as they transition into their new generation of cars, which is a change that the small, exclusive supercar manufacturer is in dire need of. With announced plans to overhaul their entire lineup by 2020, a lot of questions are buzzing around as to […]

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Report: A Nissan GT-R EV may actually happen

The Nissan GT-R is all about trying to combine brute force with the precision of an internationally-acclaimed heart surgeon and a hack saw, with gut-wrenching power and enough computing power to make anything from NASA look like a toy in comparison. That gut-wrenching brute force thankfully comes from an elaborately assembled engine that even Nissan […]

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Tesla reveals massive new update, includes semi-autonomous driving features for Model S

Not too long ago, Tesla Model S owners woke up to a nice and hefty over-the-air update to their Model S. But other than the traditional updates to improve the functionality of the car, the biggest change and surprise was the addition of new semi-autonomous driving features in the update. Version 7.0 updates the car […]

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Toyota announces plans to focus on hybrids and plug-in hybrids

Toyota released an official press release revealing their new initiative called the Environmental Challenge 2050, which as indicated by the name, implies Toyota’s desire to continue upping their game with the research and development of new hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, mainly by 2050. The idea really consists of Toyota’s push to reduce their average […]

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Volkswagen’s next-gen Phaeton may be offered in EV form

Volkswagen shed some recent details regarding their new flagship luxury sedan replacement, the second-generation Phaeton. In their latest statement, Volkswagen confirmed that a possible new electric-version of the Phaeton could be offered when it goes on sale with the near future, promising such features like “long-distance capability.” Though given their recent reputation for lying, we’re […]

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Report: Tesla’s CEO confirms entry-level crossover to be called Model Y

Tesla Motors’ CEO, Elon Musk, apparently likes to follow the alphabet since he just confirmed that the new entry-level crossover will be called the Model Y, following the recent Model X crossover. Musk announced the name on Twitter, but has since deleted the tweet, most likely just to tease the public. The Model Y is […]

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Polaris 2878193 OEM Cab Heater Kit for Electric Vehicles RANGER EV SLV picture
Polaris 2878193 OEM Cab Heater Kit for Electric Vehicles RANGER EV SLV
1950s Laher electric vehicles sales folder picture
1950s Laher electric vehicles sales folder
Elithion Battery Management System For Electric Vehicles, Lithium picture
Elithion Battery Management System For Electric Vehicles, Lithium
Ohio Technical College Automotive-Diesel Program Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)  picture
Ohio Technical College Automotive-Diesel Program Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)
Traxxas 3678 Wheelie Bar Assembly For Traxxas 2Wd Electric Vehicles picture
Traxxas 3678 Wheelie Bar Assembly For Traxxas 2Wd Electric Vehicles