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Report: Volkswagen will indeed build the Budd-e Concept, should be here in four years

Not too long ago at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Volkswagen revealed the latest rendition and interpretation of a modern Microbus, the Budd-e Concept. Now, according to Car Magazine, Volkswagen will indeed move it into the production phase as reception was positive enough for it. It’s also part of Volkswagen’s latest plan to increase its […]

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Report: Audi of America’s president hints at more RS models, talk autonomous cars and EVs

Automobile Magazine recently sat down to speak with Audi of America’s President, Scott Keogh, along with the company’s Director of Product Management, Filip Brabec. And in that interview, Keogh reportedly hinted at the possibility of some incoming, new RS models for the United States. “We’re looking to significantly expand the presence of RS in the […]

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2016 Volkswagen Budd-e Concept

2016 CES: The Volkswagen Budd-e Concept is another 21st century take on the classic Microbus

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is currently happening in Las Vegas. And although the show is certainly geared more towards technology for the consumer, like laptops, smartphones, and videogames, it’s also a venue for carmakers to show off some new tech, or at least some new concepts. That’s obviously what happened here with Volkswagen as […]

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SAAB gets a nice boost as NEVS signs sale agreement for 150,000 9-3 EV sedans

Things at SAAB seem to be picking up following a toss-up in various stages of bankruptcy through multiple ownerships. At first, it seemed the company was rescued from being bust and liquidated from GM’s portfolio during the 2008 restructuring, since National Electric Vehicle Sweden acquired the battered automaker to try and resuscitate it back to life. […]

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Report: Eight US states and five countries agree to pact to ban gas-powered car sales by 2050

Despite the major push to relieve our dependence on big oil providing us with gasoline to indulge in our daily petrolhead fixations, if someone were to scream–“THE END IS NIGH FOR GAS POWERED CARS”–we’d still look on from the side in dismissal, knowing that said individual could be out of his or her mind. Because, on […]

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Report: Production BMW i8 Spyder imminent according to Kruger

LeftLaneNews received the scoop on the BMW i8 Spyder in regards to its transition from concept form to production. And in this scoop, word via Germany media, Handelsblatt, is the version of the i8 with its head shaved off is imminently pending production status, after being originally introduced at the 2012 New York Auto Show. As expected, the […]

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Tesla Motors makes the Model X a little more accessible with a new entry-level variant

When the Tesla Model X first debuted officially, details and all, it wasn’t exactly priced for mass market, with debut model’s starting price beginning at $132,000 for the P90D, the top of the line model. But that recently changed as Tesla Motors just introduced its entry-level Model X called the 70D, which starts at a […]

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Report: More rumors hail in about the potential BMW i5 addition to the i line

Rumors in the past of an additional BMW i model to slot in between the i3 and i8 have been floating about for quite some time and to keep them fresh, AutoCar reports BMW’s new i5 could either take form as an elongated i3 or possibly a new sedan. According to the report, BMW’s new i5 […]

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Report: BMW and Karma Automotive team up to produce hybrid and EV systems

Some big news hails in from BMW and the former smalltime luxury EV maker, Fisker, now renamed Karma Automotive, as the company just announced to have signed agreements with BMW, where BMW will supply automotive parts to Karma. The parts supply from BMW will allow Karma to build “high voltage battery charging systems and a […]

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The 2016 Nissan LEAF gets updated to buy some time before the next-gen model

The Nissan LEAF has been with us since 2010 and despite there being a new model under development, Nissan decided to release the 2016 model year with a laundry list of updates just to keep the model fresh, and perhaps buy some time to allow Nissan to continue developing the second-gen model. The biggest change […]

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Traxxas 3678 Wheelie Bar Assembly For Traxxas 2Wd Electric Vehicles picture
Traxxas 3678 Wheelie Bar Assembly For Traxxas 2Wd Electric Vehicles
Low Speed resistor for Sebring  CitiCar and ComutaCar electric vehicles picture
Low Speed resistor for Sebring CitiCar and ComutaCar electric vehicles
2003 Club Car IQ System Electric Vehicles Maintenance Service Manual Supplement picture
2003 Club Car IQ System Electric Vehicles Maintenance Service Manual Supplement