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Report: Mercedes-Benz to eventually offer an S-Class EV

Top Gear reportedly learned that Mercedes-Benz will eventually add an S-Class EV to the portfolio at some point. After speaking with Dr. Uwe Ernstberger, the doc confirmed that ” a complete electric car will be done in the future.” However, the model was described to be quite a ways away. “We have to work on the […]

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2014 Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

Report: Cadillac to unleash their full range of cars in Europe

Cadillac’s presence in Europe ten years ago was tentative, more recently, it’s been timid, but now, the American luxury brand plans a tumultuous presence across the pond. Why? Quite a few folk have bought their cars recently. Cadillac announced at Geneva that they will be offering everything from the ATS to the Escalade though the […]

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Report: Rolls Royce mulls granola with its clotted cream: Plug-in hybrids coming

Rolls Royce is typically thought of as in a class of its own; sure makers such as Maybach have tried in the past to imitate, but Rolls has all ways insisted on doing things their own way. They tried, but none too hard with the 100EX electric years back, but when the company showed this […]

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Report: Jump into Fisker’s grave and you may find…nothing

Sold completely to the Chinese Wanxiang group earlier this month for an additional $149,000,000, (on top of what they already paid) Fisker may not be worth much, but the new owner is looking to change that. In an interview with Reuters, the group’s CEO said “Obviously we want to sell more than what Fisker sold before […]

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2014 Chicago: Kia electrifies the Soul for 2015 in the Windy City

Kia finally revealed the all-electric version of the Soul at the Chicago Auto Show today for the 2015 model year. Building upon the Soul’s already profound success, Kia seeks to see if younger buyers are willing to experiment with EVs. None of the hip appeal of the Soul is lost as the 2015 Kia Soul […]

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Saleen will tune the Tesla Model S

These are uncharted waters, but Saleen boldly chose to tune a production electric car, perhaps cementing the Tesla’s fitment into car culture. The existing car comes with 416 horsepower, so it will be interesting to see what Steve Saleen has in store for the upcoming model whose details remain scant. For a company whose bread […]

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Cadillac ELR available for lease at $699/month

Cadillac has just knocked down a barrier to ELR, uh, lesseeship. With some stipulations, the $75,000 plug in hybrid coupe is now available for those with qualified credit for $699 per month. The 32,500-mile lease lasts 39 months after one forks over a $5,000 deposit at the lease signing. The ELR is a snappy, two-door, […]

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2015 Toyota FCV Concept

Report: Meeting the 54.4 MPG CAFE standard by 2025 may be easy

In 2012, the US Government set a fuel economy standard for 2025: 54.4 miles to the gallon. According to Brian Kessler of Johnson Controls, this number may be attainable, and doesn’t pack the sharp bite that one may expect. Despite some efforts by the EPA to bring their fuel economy testing into real world situations, […]

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2013 Tokyo: Mitsubishi offers a third concept to add to the crossover possibility list w/ video

The Montero has been gone for too long for some from the US market and we may be looking at indications of what its replacement may be. As indicated in the video clip, the concept comes with electronic rear suicide doors, a glowing blue touch interface down the center of the cabin, plug in hybrid […]

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2013 Tokyo: Mitsubishi showcases the XR-PHEV Concept, another hybridized crossover pitch w/ video

Mitsubishi’s biggest contribution to the US auto market is not one of their sedans, but the Outlander compact SUV; that car is to be retired in not too long and Mitsubishi is throwing out hints at what the next equivalent may be like with the XR-PHEV concept. Lots of chrome and LED headlights akin to […]

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1908 etc 10 14 18 22 28 32 American  Electric Cars, 12 pg Info picture
1908 etc 10 14 18 22 28 32 American Electric Cars, 12 pg Info
22mm Motorcycle Electric Cars Part Aluminum Oval Lever Handle Rear-view Mirror picture
22mm Motorcycle Electric Cars Part Aluminum Oval Lever Handle Rear-view Mirror
RAC Electric Cars – The Future is Now picture
RAC Electric Cars – The Future is Now