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2015 Chevrolet Trax LTZ AWD

2014 NYIAS: GM plops the Mexican-market 2015 Chevy Trax into the US and China

Yes, this is the Chevrolet version of the Buick Encore, and no we are not joking that it’s coming over to the US. Like a stoner at a cannoli buffet, GM has been overcome with indecision as to where to sell this car. Now that it’s here at the New York International Auto Show, GM […]

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2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI

2014 NYIAS: Volkswagen goes all sentimental after 40 years of the Golf

We can’t help but get a bit sentimental too. 40 years is a long time, especially in the life of a car. VW has managed to keep the aesthetics fresh with their entry level hatch that, on paper is a Beetle successor, but has never really served that purpose. For many and most models, 8 […]

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Ford Escort

Report: Ford will bring back the Escort name

Though it may only be for China, one can always hope that a shouty descendant of the legendary Group B rally Escort that spawned the RS 200 can see the light of day again. For now though, we’ve got this, it’s a cheap and cheerful looking sedan that appears to be some sort of Fiesta […]

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Chevrolet reveals 2015 Cruze for New York, boasts 4G LTE hotspot and Apple Siri integration

Chevrolet will be bringing a mid-cycle refreshed Cruze for the world to see at this year’s show at the Javits Center in the heart of Manhattan. To be sold as a 2015 model, the new Chevrolet Cruze sports some revised exterior styling, a redesigned interior, more wireless connectivity such as Apple Siri integration, and OnStar […]

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Report: GM recalls 2.19 million more

After spending more time examining their ignition switchgear, GM found that the Chevy Cobalt and HHR; Saturn Sky and Ion; and Pontiac G5 and Solstice have been subject to hundreds of complaints of the keys falling out in the “Accessory” and “Run” positions. GM reported that they were aware of one incident in which a […]

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2015 Ford Focus

Ford unveils 2015 Focus Sedan ahead of 2014 NYIAS, Focus ST coming later this year

This is pretty big news for Ford, which literally pops one of these out every two seconds. Ford’s best selling model is the Focus and they have chosen to drum up excitement for the 2014 New York Auto show by showing off their latest Focus Sedan, which will be at the show. After selling 735,299 […]

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Report: Refreshed Nissan Versa to daylight at 2014 NYIAS

Is this like announcing that there will be a refreshed Corolla for us all to ignore? Not exactly. The Versa is a bit newer than the last Corolla and is a much better car as Vanilla cars go. This is going to sound pretty weird, but if you have the chance to get in one, […]

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2014 Honda Civic Si Coupe

2014 Honda Civic Si is $22,790, now with 205 bhp, and only with a ‘stick

Honda have now released facts, figures, specifications and pricing on the 2014 Honda Civic Si; Honda has upped the price by $275, upgraded the options, the aesthetics and the driving experience. Fitted with a 205 horsepower 2.4 liter 16-valve four with Honda’s VTEC system, 174 ft lbs of torque are now available. The car only […]

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Report: Ford will offer a Focus ST Diesel

Will we get it? Probably not, but that’s not the point. As more automakers start shoveling diesels into their performance cars, the trend has started trickling over to the United States where, in some cases, quick diesels have already made their splash in cars like the BMW 335d. The new Focus ST diesel is said […]

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Opinion: Why there are 2x as many unsold 2013 Dodge Darts as 2014s

When Fiat Chrysler reinvented the Dodge Dart as an Americanized Alfa Romeo Guilietta, they did not likely anticipate it to be beaten by the rapidly decomposing, previous generation Toyota Corolla, but it is. Fitted with a 160 horsepower MultiAir turbo four or a 184 horsepower TigerShark turbo four, the Dart is a quick alternative to […]

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