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Game Review: Project Cars

Everyone has their moment in Project Cars. Mine came during the Brands Hatch round of the Ginetta G40 Junior Cup, rounding Druids and watching a full field of 19 other Ginettas in an assortment of liveries tumble down the circuit’s iconic first corner, Paddock Hill Bend, at dusk. As a baseball fan, it reminded me […]

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Gran Turismo 6 Revealed Audi Quattro WRC

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. confirms the release of Gran Turismo 6 for PS3 later this year

Following a couple teasers that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. officially announced that the sixth installment to the Playstation-based Gran Turismo racing simulator is on its way and will be here by this year’s holiday season. The game will be offered for PlayStation 3, despite the fact that […]

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15 Years of Gran Turismo

Video: Gran Turismo 6 may debut tomorrow

Sony Computer Entertainment has released a teaser that’s been titled, “Celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo,” which hints at a potential successor to the Playstation-based racing simulator. In the video, the message “something big is happening at Silverstone on May 15th” appears, obviously suggesting that a press conference will occur at Silverstone Circuit in the […]

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Gran Turismo 6 Rendered Box Art

Report: Gran Turismo 6 may be due at the end of this year for PS3

While it felt like Gran Turismo 5 had just came out—despite a release date in the year of 2010—CNET reports that Polyphony Digital and Playstation are gearing up to release the next installment to the world-renown console-based racing simulator. The rumor stems from several details pointing to a new version of the racing videogame based […]

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BeamNG Physics Mod Cry Engine 3

Video: Small software start-up seeks to revolutionize crash realism in videogames with driving

If you’re a videogame nut and a motorhead like I am, then you will enjoy this bit of news. Most of us who are familiar with games such as Gran Turismo for Playstation or Forza Motorsport for XBOX know that it wasn’t until recent that some of the games have been incorporating realistic damage in […]

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