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2016 Dodge Dart Limited

The 2017 Dodge Dart’s lineup gets consolidated as it walks the plank

The Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 duo haven’t exactly been stellar sellers and to make things a little easier for whatever prospective buyers remain, FCA consolidated the lineup to make it easier and less complicated to buy one. It’s also another signal that the Dart and 200 are on their way out, specifically the Dart […]

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Opinion: FCA failed the Dart — and so did you

A Clinton is perilously close to the presidency. The X-Files has captivated the imagination of a distrusting public. Bill Cosby is a regular topic of discussion — okay, bad example. Point is, 2016 is the most ‘90s America has been since, well, the ‘90s. You need one more example? Gas is sliding under $1.50 in […]

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Dodge announces new plan for SRT, Dart, Challenger, and Charger

Concluding most of Chrysler/Fiat’s announcements from yesterday would be plans for Dodge. According to the recent announcements yesterday, Dodge’s CEO, Tim Kuniskis said that we should expect the SRT brand to be dropped from the Chrysler lineup to better consolidate the SRT name under Dodge. This could also mean that Jeep could be losing its […]

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Report: An SRT four-banger is in the plan, but not any time soon

Dodge’s Dart has been out for quite some time, taking up the responsibility of carrying on the mission of the Dodge Neon. That said, many have been left wondering as to whether or not a high-performance SRT version will follow as well. According to CARandDRIVER, who spoke with SRT’s CEO, Ralph Gilles, they are considering […]

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Report: Dodge could shoehorn a Pentastar V6 into the Dart

AllPar.com reports that the Dodge Dart could be destined to receive Chrysler’s Pentastar V6 after all. As of now, the Dart can only be had from a series of Fiat-sourced turbocharged four-bangers, nicknamed the 1.4L FIRE MultiAir, the 2.4 Tigershark MultiAir, and the 2.0L Tigershark. The most powerful out of the three is the 2.4L […]

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2014 Dodge Dart GT with Scat Package 3

Dodge reveals new Scat Package Stage Kits, celebrates 45th anniversary of the packages at SEMA

Dodge revealed some new packages for the 2014 Challenger, Charger, and Dart at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. Called the Scat Package Stage Kits, which pay homage to an original high-performance kit from 45 years ago, the new packages offer a range of performance upgrades for potential buyers. There are three stages of […]

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Dodge prices its 2013 Mopar Dart at $25,485 w/o $995 destination

Dodge recently announced the pricing for its special edition 2013 Mopar-modified Dart, which follows the trend of Chrysler’s plan to release a Mopar upgraded model every year. Kick it off in 2010 was the Mopar Challenger, then the Mopar Charger in 2011, and the Mopar Chrysler 300 in 2012. The 2013 Mopar Dart starts at […]

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Dodge releases some new packaging options for the 2013 Dart sedan

Dodge recently released some new special edition packaging options for the new 2013 Dodge Dart to help appeal the car to a wider range of buyers, particularly in the Gen-Y segment. From the get-go, Chrysler designed the Dodge Dart to be highly customizable so that potential buyers could equip the car in ways relative to […]

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Chrysler Group LLC introduces limited-edition Mopar ’13 Dart.

Chrysler unveils Mopar Dodge Dart ahead of Chicago debut

Remember that Mopar teaser from a few short days ago? Well, Chrysler’s in-house tuning division has decided to spill the beans on the new model. The result, as we predicted, a new tricked out Mopar Dodge Dart. And it seems Chrysler seeks to recreate tradition with these Mopar cars. The first was in 2010 with […]

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2013 Mopar Teaser

Chrysler’s Mopar division teases new limited edition model for 2013

Chrysler’s tuning division, Mopar, has unveiled a teaser for a new limited-edition model that will debut at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. Though Mopar didn’t specify which vehicle it was, but judging by the small details in the teaser, it may work out to be a special edition Dart. Additionally, by logical deduction, since Mopar […]

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New Sealed Power Engine Valve Lifter, HT2011 picture
New Sealed Power Engine Valve Lifter, HT2011
New Sealed Power Engine Timing Chain, 222-168 picture
New Sealed Power Engine Timing Chain, 222-168
New Sealed Power Engine Full Gasket Set, 260-1004 picture
New Sealed Power Engine Full Gasket Set, 260-1004
New Dayco Accessory Drive Belt, 15370 picture
New Dayco Accessory Drive Belt, 15370
2013-2015 Dodge Dart Tail light assembly left driver side used Oem nice picture
2013-2015 Dodge Dart Tail light assembly left driver side used Oem nice