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Dartz Jo-Mojo electric roadster

Dartz Jo-Mojo electric roadster concept to debut at Top Marques

Gray Design’s Eduard Gray has collaborated again with Dartz to present an electric take on the Roadster, creating the bulletproof Jo-Mojo concept. The vehicle features an open top, Kapsula technology, a compact frame, low center of gravity, and a wider wheel base in the front to provide good handling. The Jo-Mojo’s exterior features coats of […]

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Dartz Mojo top debut at 2011 Top Marques Monaco show

Dartz, who previously offered up renderings for its 2000-hp Nagel, have an all new model built called Mojo. Mojo is a new vehicle that is powered by an unidentifiable exposed motor, and is scheduled for an appearance at this year’s Top Marques Monaco show. Another version, called Jo-Mojo, is said to be solar powered and […]

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