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Report: The 2016 Buick Envision should top out at $39,065 for the most-expensive trim

CARandDRIVER recently received a tip from some GM contacts to learn that the new 2016 Buick Envision, the company’s all-new Chinese-built midsize crossover, should cost $42,995 to start, when it launches in just a few months time. That might seem a bit expensive at first because that’s even more expensive than the starting price of […]

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2019 BMW X7 Rendering by OmniAuto.it

Photo Rendering: This is what the new BMW X7 flagship SUV could look like

BMW is working on a flagship crossover SUV, which is by far the most complete opposite thing of what a BMW really should be. Nonetheless, the X5, X3 and other lineup siblings have proven to be keepers and moneymakers for the Bavarian automaker. Since we know crossover SUVs are the hottest thing right now, BMW […]

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2017 Lincoln MKC

The 2017 Lincoln MKC receives some minor equipment changes

Lincoln’s slightly reworking the way they offer the MKC crossover for sale, specifically with how it’s packaged and what options come with what. That said, with the 2017 model year comes these changes, such as the standardization of automatic stop/start on the front-wheel drive base model, and it being thankfully optional on the all-wheel drive […]

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2016 Beijing Preview – Volkswagen High-Tech SUV Concept

2016 Beijing Preview: Volkswagen shares pictures of new “high-tech SUV” concept

We’re coming up on the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, one of the largest exhibitions in the most populous country in the world, which is also home to the current largest car market. That said, some teasers are beginning to surface for new cars that will debut at this year’s show, with this latest one being […]

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Report: Jaguar F Pace and XE will be sent to the SVR finishing school

Someone at CARandDRIVER has brought some light on the question as to whether or not the new Jaguar F Pace and XE will get some hot-new SVR versions to compete with the likes from Germany. And the answer is apparently yes! According to C/D, both the Jaguar F Pace and the XE sedan will benefit from high-performance […]

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Report: Maserati is secretly developing a twin-turbo V8 Levante, possibly to duke it with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

The Maserati Levante has been one of the most interesting propositions from the Italian automaker in recent years, especially given its tumultuous history of making sports and GT luxury cars. Click here for more news on the Maserati Levante. But it was inevitable that Maserati was going to enter the luxury sports crossover wars and […]

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The Tesla Model X 70D base model gets replaced by the updated 75D

Tesla is having a bit of a rough start with the launch of the Model X, from recalls, to reliability and functionality issues and complaints, and even complaints over build quality. Elon Musk himself even admitted that they may have been a bit too ambitious. Nonetheless, Tesla just released a slightly updated Tesla Model X […]

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Report: The next-gen BMW X5 could be here as early as next year

Current BMW X5 eDrive test mule pictured. The rate at which Germans are replacing and updating their cars is happening faster than the mood swings of a teenager going through puberty and to serve as an example of this, Australia’s Motoring reportedly spoke to BMW Group’s regional director for down yonder to learn the new X5 could […]

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Recalls: The Tesla Model X gets recalled for a third-row seat issue

It seems the Tesla Model X crossover is off to a bit of a rough start, first with mixed critic reviews, and now a recall, according to The Verge. The safety alarm is sounded off for the Model X’s third-row seating arrangement on some 2,700 models in total. Some people in some lab coats found that […]

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2018 Toyota C-HR Spy Shots by Motor1

Spy Shots: The US-spec 2018 Toyota C-HR shows up with some camo

The team over at Motor1 stumbled at what appears to be a test mule of the new 2018 Toyota C-HR, the new cute-ute that was first destined for Scion. To some degree of relief, the production model doesn’t seem to be too toned down from the concept, which is a good thing since the C-HR Concept […]

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Waterproof Car Cover Universal SUV Crossover Off Road Storage PCSUV picture
Waterproof Car Cover Universal SUV Crossover Off Road Storage PCSUV
Dedenbear crossover delay box and air shifter bottle picture
Dedenbear crossover delay box and air shifter bottle
Water Crossover 6.2 L GMC/Chevy Diesel picture
Water Crossover 6.2 L GMC/Chevy Diesel
70" Crossover 2 Lid Truck Tool Box Pickup Bed Storage Chest Tools Chains Garage
Fel-Pro 60738 EXHAUST PIPE GASKET picture

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