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2016 Paris Preview – BMW X2 Concept

2016 Paris Preview: The BMW X2 Concept previews Bavaria’s next entry-level crossover

The rumored BMW X2 finally comes to fruition as a concept to preview a near-completed, new production crossover from Munich. BMW utilized the spotlight of the 2016 Paris Auto Show to introduce a new concept to preview a new entry-level crossover. It’s called the BMW X2 Concept and as you probably guessed by now, the […]

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2017 Audi Q5

2016 Paris Preview: The next-generation Audi Q5 – this is it

Audi’s popular midsize crossover, the Q5, enters its second generation. Audi’s participating fairly heavily at this year’s 2016 Paris Auto Show. The company’s latest is the all-new next-generation Audi Q5, which enters the second generation to compete against the likes of the BMW X3 and the Mercedes-Benz GLC. What is it? It’s Audi’s second generation […]

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Report: Rolls-Royce insists you don’t call its new SUV, an SUV

Rolls-Royce’s first four-wheel drive vehicle will be “a high-sided” one. So I’m here, talking about SUVs again. But the specific one in discussion is due in the near future. And it comes from a very unlikely producer of SUVs. That company is Rolls-Royce, an automaker known for some of the world’s most luxurious coupes, convertibles, and sedans. Crossovers […]

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2016 – Alfa Romeo Stelvio Spy Shots

Report: The Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV confirmed for LA debut

It marks Alfa Romeo’s first-ever attempt at making a crossover SUV.  Alfa Romeo’s in the middle of a massive product onslaught, churning out a new generation of cars. But to make things more difficult, Alfa is also in the middle of relaunching themselves in the US market. So the company’s hands are quite full. Some of the […]

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Report: Lamborghini anticipates sales hike by 2019 following launch of crossover SUV

Lamborghini is really betting on the success of the soon-to-be launched Urus crossover SUV to boost the company’s global sales figures. Clearly reminiscent of the persistent sales wars, Lamborghini anticipates sales could double worldwide to 7,000 units annually by 2019 once the Urus gets launched. The crossover is meant to not only to compete with […]

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Report: Kia might build a next-gen Rio-based crossover with a plug-in hybrid setup

Kia is in the midst of overhauling their entire lineup, including a new Rio entry-level group of models to succeed the current offerings. The Rio is most known as the company’s subcompact hatchback, a car that competes with the likes of the Honda Fit, Ford Fiesta, and the Chevrolet Sonic, just to name a few. […]

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Video: Watch the guys who hacked a Jeep Cherokee do it again w/ video

Remember those guys who hacked a 2014 Jeep Cherokee and were featured on Wired as a way to raise awareness over security of software-based car control systems? Well, they’re back and they recently hacked a Jeep again to see how far they could go in a second attempt. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek programmed their way into the […]

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Report: A next-gen Nissan Juke scheduled for 2017 release, could get hybrid version

Nissan’s Juke is nearing six years old and so thus, it’s nearing due date for replacement to make way for the second generation model. According to AutoExpress, that second generation model should surface sometime in 2017. The Juke remains to be a commendable seller for the brand, offering a quirky, but fun subcompact crossover at a […]

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Nissan subtly informs the US market that the Murano Hybrid is available for 2016

Nissan usually likes to do it big when revealing a new car, but this time, the company decided to keep things on the hush-side when launching the all-new 2016 Murano Hybrid in the US. After much anticipation, the first Murano Hybrid is now available to purchase on our shores after numerous reports suggested a hybridized […]

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Report: Aston Martin’s desired Lagonda sedan and DBX crossover should arrive in 2019

Aston Martin’s known for many things, primarily high-end luxury sports and GT cars to be exact, with a sedan or two in there as well. One thing they’re certainly not known for is the crossover SUV. But because crossover SUVs are hot, even in the ultra-luxurious echelon, where Bentley recently introduced the Bentayga and Maserati created […]

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Snowmobile Electric Helmet Dual Sport CKX Quest RSV Peak Large Green Black Mat picture
Snowmobile Electric Helmet Dual Sport CKX Quest RSV Peak Large Green Black Mat
MAGNUM 38201 FUEL CROSSOVER,SCII 86-99 picture
Engine Coolant Water Crossover Mounting Set Fel-Pro ES 72774 picture
Engine Coolant Water Crossover Mounting Set Fel-Pro ES 72774
OEM 94-07 GM Exhaust Crossover Pipe GM# 24507946  picture
OEM 94-07 GM Exhaust Crossover Pipe GM# 24507946
Snowmobile Electric Helmet Dual Sport CKX Quest RSV Peak Small Green Black Mat picture
Snowmobile Electric Helmet Dual Sport CKX Quest RSV Peak Small Green Black Mat