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2017 Geneva Preview – Ferrari 812 Superfast

2017 Geneva Preview: Meet the fastest and most powerful front-engined Ferrari ever, the 812 Superfast

Yes, it’s actually named the Ferrari 812 Superfast and hardly needs explanation. What’s going on? Ferrari’s flagship GT V12 sports coupe is getting its replacement. What was once the F12 Berlinetta now becomes the 812 Superfast, the fastest, most powerful Ferrari ever built. Like the F12, the 812 continues the big-bodied, V12-powered grand tourer recipe […]

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2016 – Mazda RX-9 Renderings – From Holiday Auto Japan (2)

Report: New developments say Mazda RX 9 is confirmed for production

Rumors with Mazda are giving all of us car nuts a headache again with rumors bouncing back and forth. Just recently, Motoring.com in Australia reported that a committee associated to Mazda approved the project of an RX successor. The discovery is sourced to a recent article on a Japanese automobile magazine page. This conflicts with the […]

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Report: Aston Martin eyes U.S. market for more lucrative business

Aston Martin’s in a bind right now given the fact that the company is facing a bit of an identity crisis as they seek to completely overhaul their lineup for the next generation of vehicles. Although Aston Martin has been able to more or less survive as a low production volume, high-end sports and luxury car […]

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Report: Hyundai officially kills the Genesis Coupe after 2016

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was one of the company’s most recent attempts to win the hearts and minds of the sports car-buying lot, especially the younger crowd since the company needed a fresh identity to depart from. They’ve been not only excelling…er, sorry, pun not intended…but they’re doing so well, they even spawned a luxury […]

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Report: Bugatti to revisit the Galibier project?

Over the past several years, during the production of the Bugatti Veyron, the company teased their strong interests in producing what was essentially going to be a sedan version of the Veyron. They even made a concept version to prove their seriousness towards the matter, called the Galibier. However, due to delays, the fear of diluting […]

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Report: Audi’s next RS5 might ditch the lovely 4.2L V8 for a turbo six, plus possible “Sportback” variant

Engine downsizing and forced induction are still the bees’ knees these days and Audi is a clear example of this trend as CARandDRIVER reports Ingolstadt could get rid of the lovely naturally-aspirated 4.2L V8 in the RS5, in favor of a new turbocharged V6 for the next-gen model. That’s a big sad because Audi’s 4.2L N/A […]

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2017 Porsche 718 Cayman

The Porsche 718 Cayman begins production in Stuttgart

Porsche’s home may be in Zuffenhausen, but their factory in Stuttgart, which is ironically home to Mercedes-Benz and AMG, recently commenced production of the new 718 Cayman coupe–the new Cayman powered by Porsche’s first-ever turbocharged flat-four. Keep in mind, Porsche has never made a turbocharged flat-four before, though they have in their earlier years, when […]

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2016 – First Production 2017 Acura NSX

Video: Holy crap, they actually made one, first 2017 Acura NSX rolls off assembly line

Believe it or not, Acura officially produced their first NSX. No really, they did it. It’s not a “near-production” model or a prototype, or a test mule. It is, the actual, #001, 2017 Acura NSX, and it rolled off the assembly line a few days ago in Marysville, Ohio. Despite feeling like old news, the […]

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Report: That Toyota and BMW midsize sports car will be built by Magna Steyr, should arrive in 2018

After countless rumors and teasers, almost to the point where I completely forgot this was in the works, Toyota’s and BMW’s hotly rumored midsize sports coupe is now beginning to take shape in production form, as reports suggest the companies signed a deal with renowned firm Magna Steyr, to build and assemble the car. That’s […]

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2016 BMW 2002 Hommage Concept

The BMW 2002 Hommage Concept is Munich’s attempt to pay tribute to the original 2002tii

BMW’s been on a roll with showcasing some interesting, but “love-it-or-hate-it” “Hommage” concepts, which pay tribute to some of the most famous cars the company’s ever produced over its las 100 years of existence. Oh yea, if you’ve been living under a rock lately, BMW’s celebrating their first centennial this year as they celebrate their […]

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Car Stripe Racing Door Decals for Coupe Vinyl Side Stickers #149 picture
Car Stripe Racing Door Decals for Coupe Vinyl Side Stickers #149
Tangerine Orange 1978 Mustang II Coupe Watches picture
Tangerine Orange 1978 Mustang II Coupe Watches
OEM BMW 3 Series Coupe Drivers Left Side Rear Quarter Glass Window 51368209403 picture
OEM BMW 3 Series Coupe Drivers Left Side Rear Quarter Glass Window 51368209403
47" 120cm For Subaru/Sedan Coupe Roof Rack Cross Bar Kayak Ski Snowboard Carrier
1965 1966 Mustang Fastback Coupe Convert Shelby ORIG A/T SHIFTER BUCKET HOUSING picture
1965 1966 Mustang Fastback Coupe Convert Shelby ORIG A/T SHIFTER BUCKET HOUSING