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Report: Tesla Model S reliability rated at average by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports always like to cause a stirrup by claiming to rate products based on real-world experiences. And this time around, Tesla Motors is under fire from CR over the Model S, which they gave an average rating for reliability. And this doesn’t sound too far-fetched since it is one really complex computer on four-wheels. […]

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Ford C-MAX 47 MPG

Ford hit with lawsuit over C-MAX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid fuel-economy claims

While the Ford C-MAX Hybrid may be the fastest selling hybrid ever at launch, FoMoCo is facing a federal lawsuit that contends the C-MAX and Fusion hybrids false fuel-economy claims. Check out more news on the Ford Fusion. Ford says that the 2013 C-MAX Hybrid and the Fusion Hybrid are rated at 47/47 mpg (city/highway) and […]

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Consumer Reports: The 2013 Honda Accord returns to the front of the pack

When the 2012 Honda Civic made its debut last year, Consumer Reports was one of the first and most vocal publications on the internet to give the car a negative review. Honda acted pretty quick and redesigned and updated to the 2013 Honda Civic that made its debut at the 2012 LA Auto Show. Now […]

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Report: Ford talking to EPA on hybrid mileage tests

Following Consumer Reports claim that the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid both fall short of their fuel-economy claims, the EPA said that it will review the publications claims on the new Ford models. Check out more news on the Ford Fusion. Ford has now said that it is talking to the EPA on […]

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EPA to review Ford Fusion, C-MAX hybrids fuel-economy claims

Last week, Consumer Reports released a statement saying that the Ford C-MAX and the Ford Fusion Hybrid both fall short by 20 percent of their fuel-economy claims. The Environmental Protection Agency released a statement over the weekend saying that it will review claims that two new Ford Motor Co. vehicles aren’t getting the advertised 47 […]

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Ford Fusion Hybrid – Ford C-MAX Hybrid

Consumer Reports: Ford Fusion and C-MAX hybrids fall short of fuel-economy claims

Hyundai isn’t the only one getting negative press about false fuel-economy claims. According to Consumer Report, during real-world-tests, the Ford C-MAX and the Ford Fusion Hybrid both fall short by 20 percent of their fuel-economy claims. Check out more news on the Ford Fusion. “In our tests, the Fusion Hybrid delivered 39 mpg overall and 35 […]

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Consumer Reports Honda Civic 2013

Video: Consumer Reports likes the 2013 Honda Civic

When Consumer Reports tested the 2012 Honda Civic, it scored to low to even make the publication’s recommendation list. Well, the 2013 Honda Civic was just unveiled at the 2012 LA Auto Show and has been totally redesigned and reengineered. How does Consumer Reports feel about Honda’s new compact sedan now? Pretty well. Check out our post on […]

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Video: Consumer Reports doesn’t like Cadillac CUE system, calls it ‘fussy’

“The problem is…it’s really fussy” – get used to hearing those words because that’s what you’re about to hear in Consumer Report’s latest review of the Cadillac CUE infotainment system that recently debuted on the new 2013 XTS sedan. Now, I recently had the pleasure to spend a week with the Cadillac XTS and found the […]

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2013 Dodge Dart knocked by Consumer Reports

The new and impressive 2013 Dodge Dart doesn’t seem to impress the folks over at Consumer Reports. “Ultimately it didn’t score high enough to be recommended in a very competitive small sedan class,” said Consumer Reports said about the Dart. Check out our Top 10 things you need to know about the Dodge Dart. “Consumer Reports […]

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Tesla Model S

Video: Consumer Reports takes the Tesla Model S for a spin

Following Motor Trend’s award of the 2013 Car of the Year to Tesla Model S, Consumer Reports has released their take on the electric sedan. Check out more news on the Tesla Model S. “We’ve been impressed with our initial drives of the Model S, as highlighted in the video below. But when you’re out to change […]

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