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McLaren offers its own vision for F1’s future, Red Bull reacts

Five years ago, Red Bull Motorsports partnered with Polyphony Digital, creators of the Gran Turismo series of driving simulators, to design the X2010. The concept, playable in Gran Turismo 5, served as a look into the future of open-wheel racing, implementing fan car technology to increase downforce ten-fold, as well as a jet-fighter-esque canopy for the […]

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Report: Toyota’s new S-FR could get a 1.2L turbocharged mill with around 115hp

Some new news is surfacing regarding the new Toyota S-FR subcompact sports roadster via Motoring, who apparently learned the new S-FR could be powered by an all-new 1.2L turbocharged four-banger. When Toyota revealed the S-FR for the world to see, it was only in near-production-ready concept form, but Toyota was coy on details as to what […]

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Report: The odd rendering of an apparent BMW concept was just a research vehicle

Not too long ago, a photo rendering of what appeared to be a bastard child result of BMW i3 and a Toyota Mirai mating surfaced with rumors of it being a possible hydrogen-fuel cell concept from the Bavarian automaker. But BMW apparently went on the record with BMWBlog to say the model and rendering was just an experimental […]

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2015 Strange BMW-like Patent Drawings

Photo Rendering: This oddball of a BMW design patent looks like an i3 and a Toyota Mirai had a baby

A Chinese outlet seems to have stumbled upon some concept patent drawings of what appears to be some sort of BMW concept. But in reality, it looks more like a BMW i3 and a Toyota Mirai mated and produced this. But then again, this makes sense since BMW and Toyota are currently collaborating on technology. The […]

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Report: The specs for the Toyota S-FR production version apparently leaked

Some details regarding the Toyota S-FR Concept were apparently leaked recently on an enthusiast message board site specifically set up for Toyota’s new S-FR subcompact rear-wheel drive sports coupe, which is due for a full reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show in just a few weeks. Although the S-FR is currently a concept only at […]

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2015 Toyota S-FR Concept (17)

Toyota reveals S-FR concept to pitch a possible new entry-level sports coupe

Toyota and sports cars seems like such an odd and distant pairing, especially when you consider that the Japanese auto giant has been synonymous to automotive conservation, hybrids and family-friendliness, all the sort of things that otherwise would bore the typical sports car lover to sleep. But thanks to the appointment of its current CEO, Akio […]

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Report: Production version of Kia GT Concept apparently on the verge of being revealed

Dutch publication, Autovisie apparently received a tip that Kia’s just on the verge of revealing the production version of their highly-anticipated GT Concept. The Kia GT Concept was originally revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and was one of several other concepts produced and pitched to the public as a potential new sports car from […]

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Report: Chevrolet’s potential compact-sports car gets axed

Remember the entry-level Chevrolet sports car concepts from the 2012 Detroit Auto Show? Yea, we’re talking about the awesome-looking Chevrolet Code 130R Concept and Tru 140 Concept. Well, those were pitching the promising prospect that Chevrolet could be making some new affordable, rear-wheel or front-wheel drive sports cars. But it’s been several years since those […]

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Report: Porsche’s new BMW 5-Series fighter could be an all-electric affair

Porsche’s been rumored and known to be working on a new BMW 5-Series competitor, given the fact that they already have the Panamera, which can compete with anything from the Maserati Quattroporte, to the BMW 7-Series, to the 6-Series Gran Coupe, and even the Audi A7. So naturally, it was only a matter of time […]

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2014 LA Auto Show: The Infiniti Synaptiq Concept is a serious vision for the future of motoring

One of the underlying themes for the LA Auto Show is the showcase of some of the most futuristic ideas for the automotive industry in the form of what LA calls the LA Design Challenge, where a committee comes up with an annual theme that asks designers to come up with their best interpretation. This […]

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Matrix Concepts A2 Aluminum Stand Green A2 105  picture
Matrix Concepts A2 Aluminum Stand Green A2 105
1962 Plymouth Dealer Sales Brochure Show Handout Turbo Fury Gas Turbine Concept picture
1962 Plymouth Dealer Sales Brochure Show Handout Turbo Fury Gas Turbine Concept
1965 Plymouth VIP Concept Car Brochure Car Show Dealer Handout Original Rare picture
1965 Plymouth VIP Concept Car Brochure Car Show Dealer Handout Original Rare
watch watches Honda Accord Concept Logo Sport Metal Watch picture
watch watches Honda Accord Concept Logo Sport Metal Watch
Watches Peugeot 308 RCZ Concept - Steering Wheel  picture
Watches Peugeot 308 RCZ Concept - Steering Wheel