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Coda Electric Sedan

Coda lays off 15 percent of its workforce due to struggling sales

Coda, the producer of Chinese made electric-vehicles, has laid off about 50 employees, which represent about 15 percent of the brand’s workforce. The layoffs, which are being called ‘right-sizing’ instead of down-sizing, affected employees from all areas of the company, according to Forrest Beanum, Coda’s senior vice president of government relations and external affairs. CEO […]

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Coda Assembly

First Coda electric sedan rolls off the assembly line, ready for sale

Now the Coda isn’t the best looking electric car in the world, but it sure is efficient. The first fully assembled┬áCODA – a silver all-electric sedan with a 31 kWh battery pack – to be sold to consumers drove off the final assembly line yesterday. “This is an incredibly exciting day for the CODA family […]

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CODA Sedan

2011 LA: Coda cuts prices of upcoming EV sedan, beefs up battery warranty

Coda electric vehicles are getting prices dropped and warranties extended, as Coda Holdings attempts to gain more orders for the frequently delayed release of its cars, designed just for California. The brand had initially released a base price of $44,900 for its cars last year, and has since brought that down by $5,000, to $39,900. […]

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Coda seeking additional funding to finish building electric-sedan

Coda Automotive, an electric-vehicle maker in Santa Monica, California says it is seeking new investment to complete work on its first model, the all-electric Coda Sedan. According to Christopher Rose, the company’s senior vice president of corporate development, Coda is looking for a $50 million investment that would be used “to finish the car.” Earlier […]

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Coda hopes to sell 50,000 units of electric-sedan by 2015

Coda Automotive said that it hopes to sell 50,000 vehicles by 2015 with most of the sales coming from the United States, according to the company’s CEO Phil Murtaugh. Earlier last year, Coda delayed the launch date of its battery powered sedan until the second half of 2011. Coda will be producing the Coda EV […]

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CODA  EV 110V charger picture
CODA EV 110V charger
Honda DC-5 Type-R Prelude EV+ Fit Insight Rubber Chin Lip Spoiler Splitter Trim picture
Honda DC-5 Type-R Prelude EV+ Fit Insight Rubber Chin Lip Spoiler Splitter Trim