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Video: Watch the world’s first touchscreen in a car in action in a 1987 Buick Riviera

WorldCarFans stumbled upon a video of an owner demonstrating the touchscreen capabilities and digital computers of his/her 1987 Buick Riviera, which also happens to be the first car to ever have a touchscreen interface. These days, a touchscreen could be practically found in countless new¬†cars, for functions like the radio, the air conditioning, and more. […]

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Buick Riviera Concept

Report: Buick files trademark application for ‘Riviera’ name

General Motors confirmed Wednesday that it has filed a trademark application for the Riviera name, which has been used by the Buick brand for close to 40 years. The last time we saw the Buick Riviera was at the 2007 Shanghai Motor Show in concept form. Prior to that, GM sold the full-size Riviera from […]

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Keep Hoping: Pontiac G8 won’t be revived as the Buick Grand National, two more Buick sedans on the way

The Pontiac G8 is one car that many keep hoping will see resurrection. At first, there were rumors that the much-loved G8 my be revived as a Chevrolet Caprice. General Motors’ Bob Lutz even confirmed that the Detroit automaker will go ahead with a Chevrolet based on the Pontiac G8, only to disappoint us later […]

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