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2012 Geneva: BMW M550d

2012 Geneva: BMW M Performance Automobiles’ diesel M550d, X6 M50d make public debut

Here at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show BMW and its new M Performance Automobiles diesel group is getting a lot of attention. I recently sat down with some people at the Mercedes-Benz AMG team and asked whether they will be getting into the whole diesel game with their sports car. Their answer? Not at all. […]

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BMW M Performance Automobiles

Video: BMW M Performance Automobiles diesels in Action

Last week, BMW finally gave us a preview of the upcoming M Performance Automobiles – a range of diesel powered M vehicles that will include the BMW M550d xDrive, BMW X5 M50d and the BMW X6 M50d. The company has now dropped a new video showing all the models in action. Check it out after the jump. […]

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‘BMW M Performance Automobiles’ models to fit between normal and M cars

There are BMW vehicles and then there are BMW M-Division GmbH vehicles. However, what if you wanted something that would fit right in the middle – something that would offer you a sport driving experience, while giving you the comfort of a ‘standard’ BMW model. Well, BMW has a solution with a new line of […]

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2013 BMW X6

Video: BMW releases second teaser of X6 M550d

BMW has just dropped another teaser of what is known as the BMW X6 M550d. The first teaser was released earlier this month and showed an ‘M-fied’ X6 traveling through mountain sides. The second video shows much of the same but with a couple of BMW M engineers and executives talking about how wonderful the […]

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2013 BWM X6 M50d

Rumor: BMW X6 M550d to make 381-hp, 545 lb-ft of torque

Ten years ago even after copious libations, the following mess of alphabet soup would probably still rattle most car enthusiasts: BMW X6 M550D. Today certainly purists accusing BMW of selling out scoff at the notion which now seems a tick closer to reality: there will probably a turbodiesel BMW SUV in the form of the […]

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BMW X6 M550d b

Video: BMW M teases new model, could be the X6 M550d

BMW M GmbH is teasing a new model today. The teaser, titled ‘A new chapter powered M’ shows an X6 going around a nice curvy road at high-speeds. Recent rumors lead us to believe that this is the X6 M550d  high-peformance diesel that we’ve been hearing about for quite some time. Check out the video after […]

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Genuine BMW E71 SAC Trunk Lid X6M550d Emblem Badge Logo Sign OEM 51148055281 picture
Genuine BMW E71 SAC Trunk Lid X6M550d Emblem Badge Logo Sign OEM 51148055281