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Report: BMW-Toyota collaboration to produce something by 2017, a new Supra and Z4

Rumors, oh we love rumors–because it makes us think about how likely or unlikely they are. Though this one isn’t exactly out of someone’s ass, but neither has it led to something truly concrete, except for a general direction. This latest one involves the next supposed follow up to the BMW-Toyota sports car collaboration, which Nikkei […]

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Report: BMW and Toyota are considering four to six options on how to proceed with all-new midsized sports coupe

Australia’s Drive.com has supposedly received an update on the much rumored and much-anticipated BMW and Toyota sports car collaboration that has many betting money on the revival of the much revered Toyota Supra nameplate. According to the report, Toyota and BMW have between four to six options on the table as to how to proceed […]

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Report: More scoop on the latest BMW-Toyota midsized sports coupe collaboration that may be a Supra successor

BMW and Toyota have been known to be collaborating on a new midsized sports car, which has much of the general enthusiast crowd pondering about, mostly with hopes of a potential Supra successor. To follow up on the development, MotorTrend reports on some new information surrounding the project. “Toyota is strong in environment-friendly hybrids and […]

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