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Video: Production BMW 5-Series GT Revealed

While many of you have expressed your dislike for the BMW 5-Series GT, we’re going to have to continue reporting on the latest BMW offering. However, today’s 5-Series GT news may be of interest to those looking to buy one when it hits markets next year. What you see here in this video is the […]

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2009 Geneva: BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo – Bangle leaves his mark

The new BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo is one of the last vehicles of Chris Bangle who recently resigned his position of design head at the Munich automaker. Nonetheless, the design is here to stay and BMW is displaying the new PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. BMW is known for offering concepts […]

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BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo officially revealed, production model coming in 2010

Everything about the new BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo screams “don’t call me a minivan.” BMW’s usually weird acronym for this vehicle is PAS – which stands for Progressive Activity Sedan. We saw leaked images of the Concept 5-Series GT late last night, but BMW has now revealed all the details along with all the high-res […]

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BMW working on 3-Series based Progressive Activity Sedan

After ‘greenlighting’ what’s known as the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) or  a “5-Series GT,” BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has now confirmed that BMW is committed to launching a smaller version of the car based on the facelifted 3-Series in 2010. Like the 5-Series based PAS, the 3-Series crossover will also come with rear-wheel-drive with four-wheel-drive […]

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BMW is moving ahead with the Progressive Activity Sedan

If you thought the BMW X6 was a huge risk by the popular luxury German automaker, wait until you see what else they have in the works. According to AutoCar, BMW is moving ahead with plans to produce what is known as the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) or a “5-Series GT.” The BMW PAS, which insiders […]

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