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Report: BMW M downplays M7 again, no M3 Touring, M2 on the way

One of the fun things involving BMW M is the ability to speculate and ponder about potential models that we whimsically could think of. For example, the BMW M3 and M4 are high-performance versions of the 3-Series sedan and 4-Series coupe. But BMW also produces the 3-Series Touring wagon. And long has the auto enthusiast […]

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Report: BMW may defy all claims with an M Performance 7-Series

Over the years, one of the many questions consistently raised at BMW was whether or not they’d change their mind about making an M-based 7-Series. And for as long as the 7-Series has been around, the answer to that question was that BMW believed the 7-Series’ position as a full-size luxury sedan didn’t match with […]

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Report: More rumors of BMW’s M7 project surface

BMW’s known to have a pretty solid position on the idea of an M7, despite the fact that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class AMG, Audi S8, and the Jaguar XJR all exist to create a rather unique niche market. The reason being is that a large, fast land yacht sort of conflicts with the ideology of BMW’s […]

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Report: There’s demand for a BMW M7, according to top executive

BMW fans are all too familiar with the idea of a BMW M7, or a 7-Series that’s been given the full-fledged M treatment to compete against the likes of Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class AMG, Audi’s S8, or Jaguar’s XJR. However, after generations of 7-Series, to this day, BMW still refuses to build an M7, despite a growing […]

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Report: BMW continues to expand lineup, but still no M7

MotorTrend sat down with BMW’s director of product planning, Paul Ferraiolo, who shared some details about BMW’s near-future plans for lineup expansion. With rumors bouncing back and forth in terms of a full-fledged M7 high-performance luxo-barge, heads are being scratched and chins being fondled about whether or not BMW was going to do it. And […]

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Report: BMW apparently turns down i8 Spyder and variants to 7-Series

BMW was rumored to be working on an i8 with no head (a.k.a. a convertible variant) as well as a potential M7, but in a recent report from InAutoNews, those two ideas are total baloney. At the 2012 Beijing Motor Show, BMW did attempt an i8 Spyder Concept, but apparently the project has been cancelled. Additionally, rumors […]

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2014 BMW M7 Rendering

Photo Rendering: What the current BMW 7-Series could look like being “M-ified”

In the event any of you have been still holding your breath for a true M variant of the full-sized luxobarge, the 7-Series, a Portuguese blog has been able to render what they think a pure BMW M7 could look like. Mind you, there have been rumors circulating that the next generation BMW 7-Series could […]

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2012 BMW 328i

Report: BMW trademarks a variety of names, provides insight to future models

BMW recently trademarked a plethora of potential model names. Like Chevrolet’s recent grab of the SS name, it may just end up being a stock car or a completely abandoned project altogether. But many of these names are likely to carry some weight. The M7 name for example certainly looks like one of the more […]

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2013 BMW 7-Series M Sport Package

Report: BMW North American CEO pushing for M7

BMW North America’s new President and CEO Ludwig Willisch has unveiled new details about the company’s future lineup and the long talked-about M7 is something that he is pushing Germany to produce. Check out our original post on the 2013 BMW 7 Series. Willisch declined to say when the an M7 would be produced but told […]

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2013 BMW 7-Series

Report: BMW considerings M Performance 7-Series, production M135i won’t come to U.S.

The M7, M diesels and manuals are all possible prospects for the US said BMW’s Motorsport chair, Dr. Nitschke in a recent interview with Car and Driver. The M7 idea is just that, a nebulous, fluffy idea at this point which is under consideration, but the other two are confirmed for the United States. For […]

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NEW Genuine BMW Stud Bolt (M7x39) 11127593376
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NEW Genuine BMW Exhaust Stud Bolt (M7x42mm) 11121744057
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KEY CHAIN BMW M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7 X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 X6 E30 E36 E46 E60 Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4
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