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Safety Second: Stats Paint Scary Picture of Recall Reality

Looking for a used car? Make sure it doesn’t have an open recall. Because dealers might not tell you. Today, even the cheapest new vehicle is packed to the gills with electronic wizardry. From Bluetooth, to traction control, to anti-lock brakes, there’s nary an inch of the modern cars which doesn’t have a little bit of silicone in […]

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BMW M6 MotoGP Safety Car

BMW M6 MotoGP Safety Car unveiled

At the upcoming M Festival, held at the 24 Hour Nurburgring race, BMW will be releasing the M6 MotoGP safety car, which will be heading the M Corso parade. Check out more news on the BMW M6. The only details available so far are some select highlights, which include a gloss black grille, pronounced rear wing, […]

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