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The LAPD just scored a whole fleet of BMW i3’s for non-emergency duties

It really seems like BMW’s i program is losing steam after the company announced to be shifting its focus from EVs, hybrids, and sustainable motoring to autonomous driving tech. Now, perpetuating this presumption is the fact that BMW just gave a fleet of 100 i3s to the Los Angeles Police Department for use in non-emergency […]

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The BMW i3 gets updated for 2017 with more driving range and improved battery performance

BMW announced to be applying some minor updates to the i3 for the 2017 model year, most of which involve some extra battery power and improved performance, yielding a greater driving range distance. Speaking of which, the battery gets improved thanks to a 50% increase in charge capacity thanks to a greater energy density with the […]

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Report: Four major players from BMW’s i team jump ship for Chinese startup

It can be said that many of these boring bits of news regarding personnel changes are often harbingers and signs of things to come. And this latest development from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggest exactly that as they both report of four key members from BMW’s i team jumping ship for a new Chinese-based startup. […]

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Report: BMW ‘s CEO confirms a third i model

German media, Die Zeit, recently spoke with BMW’s current head honcho who confirmed the eventual arrival of a third addition to the BMW i lineup. Previous rumors pointed to the possibility of a new i5 model to sit in between the i3 and the i8 with the premise that the i5 would be a more spacious and larger […]

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Report: BMW retracts plan to reveal hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle at Detroit

BMW and BMW Blog report that Munich is retracting their plans to reveal a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle at Detroit next month for the 2015 North American International Auto Show. The Roundel didn’t disclose the reasons why, but according to press speculation, the BMW could be focusing more on their projects with Toyota. This doesn’t mean BMW’s […]

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Report: BMW sets its sites directly on Tesla with an i5 and i7

BMW isn’t taking kindly to Tesla Motors, especially since they’re working overtime to build a competing brand under their i lineup along with supporting infrastructure, like a network of fast EV chargers to combat Tesla Motors’ Supercharger network. Now, BMW wants to tighten their aim even more with a Tesla Model S and Model X […]

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BMW plans to reveal and demonstrate new self-parking tech at CES in Las Vegas

BMW plans to participate in the next Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where the Munich automaker plans to reveal some new technology for some of their future cars. One of them is a newly updated i3 with BMW’s own 360-degree collision avoidance system, which uses an array of laser scanners to determine whether or […]

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BMW announces plans at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

The 2015 Detroit Auto Show is just next month and despite everyone being busy with all-things the holidays, that’s not stopping automakers from announcing their plans for North America’s largest automotive exposition. BMW has had a big year and continues their momentum with the impending arrival of several new models. One of the more prominent […]

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BMW to add plug-in variants to all of its core models

BMW’s gradual decline into automotive mainstream anonymity is here to stay and in a move that seems like another nail in the coffin of a such a storied history, Munich officially announced to be introducing a plug-in hybrid models on all of its core models in the near future. The first car to receive the […]

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BMW announces research and development for wireless inductive charging system

BMW officially announced to be working on a new wireless inductive charging system for their plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, like the i3 and the i8. The system is planned to arrive later this year and will consist of a floor-mounted base plate with a lightweight charging coil that sits at the bottom of the […]

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